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one more thing!

April 15, 2007


So sorry about being so mean. Sigh… What a deadline.

My bad yeah? For being late and everything, and and and for having to do so many projects too. What a combination I have this semester. Sigh.

Thanks for putting up with me, even if it’s just for the project >.<

Have a happy 22! May all bide well for you, those you love and those who love you ^^

yours truly,


one more

April 15, 2007

One more to go! And my 1-week torment is over!

Well… Maybe there’ll be like another month of torment… At least not as bad as this past week’s.

One thing to look forward to after I’m done with this ONE MORE! Steamboat! Yeay!!!


Okay quick get it done you pig! Yes yes I will. I’ll try! FINISH IT LA — self mumblings


one thing

April 10, 2007

Oh, just in case you are wondering what the previous post is about…

It’s about this one thing. None of those in my regular circle of friends have been told about it as of yet. Hmmm, thinking to tell of it only later perhaps. Only a lucky few, who are involved in the thing that we so often meet up in, know about it. Cos’ so happens those lucky few are the closest in that thing. Haha!

It’s a happy thing. So keep guessing, ya? =p

On a sadder note, I’ve just been restricted from going meeting out AND play the favourite thing, thanks to one thing. If I didn’t play by the rules, there’d be punishment =( And all because of TWO MORE deadlines…

These days have been bad. Lappy ticking away like a time-bomb, ’till I was afraid to keep trying to get it work cos’ I’m afraid the ticking sounds might just be something that would damage the already unreadable-hard-disk. I can’t even get to Windows! Sigh.

And just today, my SIM card suddenly became unreadable too… Luckily it’s just loose. Had to insert in a small piece of cardboard along with it to get it readable again.

My pretty anklet, had a small piece of it broken off…. =((((((((((((


2 more deadlines!

edit: did I mention it’s now 5.36am of a Tuesday morning? z_Z


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April 4, 2007

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April 1, 2007

Strolling down the path
Of uncertainty
Letting out the laugh
Of insanity

Wondering where else
Would self be led to
Whether the pulse
Is still there in you

Wondering whether
You are just a piece
On that board of leather
Being a life’s tease

Wandering the path down
All of life’s emotions
Set in a mixed frown
Side props in slow motion

In a trance you halt
Pausing the walk
Unwittingly by the asphalt
You notice a slight fork

Without thought
Without hesitation
Without time bought
At that intersection
A choice was made

Fork was passed