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7th day of the year; 1st movie

January 7, 2008

Drats I missed yesterday.

And the day before, just because I was in a huff typing out. I forgot to mention that I had choco-fondue-marshmellies at home on the night of the 4th. Mum said that fondue was created by Sis. Her cullinary classes are coming in handy. Hmm, makes me want to make chocolates too. Drools.

Sis grows bigger everytime I don’t see her. And Mum grows smarter with that game she plays so ever often. Cute isn’t it? My Mum plays online games you know! So that makes one more form of communication. Can’t get her on the phone, meet her in the game 😀

Sis dreads school somewhat. Haha, those were the days. I had my share too. But I think, mine was more of negligence. If I had paid more interest to what I was doing, I could have done way better. Then again, when I did pay more interest, I didn’t have enough intellect for the subject matter. Well, it’s long over.

Sis has big dreams. Who doesn’t? Without big dreams, we won’t have a goal to reach. Without goals, what is life for? Big dreams are to make life worth living somewhat.

But big dreams need big funding. Sigh. I’m now trying to not spend on anything but edible things. I saw nice stuff to buy. Nice price too. Problem is even when my pay is already in, I can’t bear to part with the money. It took so long to get back to that amount and its hard(ly)-earned.


Yesterday, he left at about noon to go meet his clients to collect documents. He’d said he’d be home pretty late. And I was planning to already go home since he won’t be around and I’d be bored. So I kinda played the game with Mum in it awhile. Lo and behold he asked me out for a show since he had time to waste while waiting for another client.

First movie for my 2008.

I am Legend.

Man, its a bummer. I really feel that my SGD10 wasn’t quite worth the show. Maybe just the popcorns and the barley. It’s like the whole set of the movie, in my humble opinion, just a re-cycle of the Resident Evil, just more in broad daylight.

Well, those who’ve watched R.E, most of it happens in the dark yeah? Like those dark alleys, dark skies, with those infected people hungering for flesh.

It’s all the same plot, hunting for a cure. Just that there’s only this one man supposedly left on Earth, stubbornly trying to find that cure even though he believes that no one else is alive. Probably because since he’s the only living human left, if he could cure someone out there, he’d have some company.

Just that all these started all because one very smart doctor had supposedly found a cure for cancer in year 2009. Haha! Cancer! For 10,009 people who got injected with a particular virus to cure that. Apparently it was a virus gone wrong, as usual. And virus is air-borne and contact-borne. Just that probably that few minority are immune, so is the one man left.

Near to the end of the show, his dog of so many years of company, his only companion for that 3 years since, got infected while protecting him. But doggy is not immune via contact-borne virus. And so he reluctantly let it go.

When he was just about to revenge for doggy and kill himself in the process, a light shone. Literally there was! He’s not the only one alive!

And so… The ending is crappy. I wouldn’t want to mention it. If you haven’t watched and want to know, ask me elsewhere!

And I’d thought that a major disaster happened to NY or something, that wiped out the entire clan of humans, save for him. But it looked peculiar since there were cars all stuck at the roads as if in a jam. Nothing is alive in the day, except for migrating animals. Not sure why animals don’t really look infected. Because if they were, they would have reacted to him already. In fact, they looked perfectly animal, unlike his lab rats.

We only saw the infected beings when he went to dark places. One thing is that these beings can’t be exposed to light. They’ll evaporate to death. Like vampires? Strange virus. Anyway, cleared the doubt about the major disaster, when he had his first flashback throughout the show.

Man, I want to watch Chipmunks =.=


Will have to collect my final remnants from office from my colleague later today. They will be moving this coming Friday.

And Sis told me there’s Kebab at TPY! Can’t believe they moved from Tp to TPY! How do they ever track my whereabouts haha!

I still have not gotten my Sis her X’mas present. The nerve! Trust my pay to be credited so late and I still haven’t mentioned it to him yet. He needs to share. Bleh.

That’s for now.


Protected: date-diary

April 4, 2007

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March 6, 2007

Birthstone: Sapphire

September — Symbolic of wisdom and purity, the sapphire was believed by the ancients to ward off envy, protect against poisons and act as a litmus test of fidelity (if the stone darkened, it gave evidence of adultery).

see: Birthstone Shop

I found a nice piece from the March selections, but it was a mixture of Aquamarine and Sapphire. Was intrigued by the definitions of the birthstones, though.

Have always liked sapphire simply because it’s blue ^^v Then I came to realise that it’s my birthstone too.



August 9, 2006

What are surprises?

Can be good. Can be bad. Then again, bad surprises = shocking news.


Pardon me for not posting. Been wanting to but.

  1. Lagnet is horrendous.
  2. He is equally horrendous.
  3. Surprises

Why 1? Last Saturday, it was supposedly the day that Lagnet people came over to our place to upgrade our internet service. Supposedly to get bigger, faster and better bandwidth in our home wireless network. A bunch of a total of four to five of them came over. To do what? Blame our phone line for not working properly. Set up the new settings of the network on our machines for us. They don’t even tell us what they added into our machines, much less the settings.

So if anything goes wrong, or no internet is detected, call them back to do it because they will get paid for it. Either that orYour laptops are not working properly. You may need to get them serviced.” Yes, they had the cheek to blame my laptop for not being able to detect the wireless system. They so claimed they added a file of some sort into the machine to be able to receive the wireless. Well, one second the wireless is gone, another it appears and another time it’s gone. So the file can do vanishing acts?

You think I’m an idiot? For damn goodness’ sakes, why can’t you admit that you are such a poor internet service provider? The whole bunch of you are just people who come over to do some pathetic settings. That’s what you get paid for? Expensive, eh. Furthermore, that’s your line of job. So, what makes you think that you know that IBM and Acer laptops need servicing?

AND you scratched my Sis’ laptop screen.

The nerve of it all. If anyone ever figures out who Lagnet is, please stay away from them. The Friday wee hours before that, they just cut off our broadband and our service became dial-up because all our laptops couldn’t receive a single wireless connection from our own router. Only the PC connected to the phone line could.

And it’s not the first time.

Customer service? We’ve called alright. Each time, they say it’s our machines’ faults. They are NEVER wrong. Never. They make us change our routers and modems. New or old, made no difference. Simply because it was them who cut off our service even though we pay every single month. Oh, they never admit it.


Why 2? He never listens. He actually agreed to pay them for this lousy service. He thinks everything he does is right. We’re wrong. What he does is good. We’re bad. Scratched screen. He insists my Sis did it. Can you believe that? He never blames outsiders. He blames us. I bet he never loved us.

Coming to 3. I am surprised at myself sometimes. There are times, when I just decide consciously that I won’t be doing this or, I plan to do something but will not get around to it. At least for that point of time. So, when I said I wanted to buy books from “K”rafers’ Paradise because I received an email saying they had them sold at 50% off, I didn’t know I’d actually do it. Yeah, sometimes I just really surprise myself. It was really almost impromptuous.

So I did just that on last Friday. It was kinda therapeutic =) I bought quite a lot, considering I only planned to buy scrapbooking mags / books from KCK. Bought stickers, though I still don’t know, when I’ll be utilising them, CDs because I caught the HMV flu, when Sis asked to drop by there, and some cute keychains. It really was therapeutic.

retail therapy!!! 040806

The bottom left shows how much I bought from KCK. Well, Mama chose to buy me the plastic case! Finally, one step closer to scrapbooking organising! ^^ Stickers and one book. I could have bought all the other mags too, but well I need to control my wallet too. Aiming to save 2k in my account! Bottom right shows how long the receipt was, including my Sis’ purchase, that is. Received a free scrapbooking class voucher! Yeay~ Oh, and I received another email from them regarding a Distress scrapbooking lesson. It’s regarding how to use the distress method to decorate your LO(s). Decided to go on Sunday 20 Aug, 2.30pm-5.30pm. Anyone else interested, please do visit their site at “K”rafers’ Paradise to contact them for bookings. You can either email or call them.

Bought Pink’s CDs just cos’ I couldn’t resist the temptation =x Oh, the top right hand one are small cute chains of the twin: black+white pigs called Monokuro Boo. They’re really cute! Do check on them 😉

And here’s the 3rd scrapbook mag to add to the collection:


Cool, huh? And it was at half-price! ^^ Very clear step-by-step ideas coupled with list of to-buy materials before you get started. There were some of them that were fresh ideas. That’s mainly the reason why I got the mag.

Then the fateful Saturday after was a long day. I surprised myself yet again, by asking F for company to the bookstores! Haha, just to find my long-seeked-for recommended text. Really think I’ll be needing it, what with my sheer stupidity in programming. It was a heartbreaking buy. S$99.95. For only one book. The most expensive book ever in my whole life. T_T Will show you the pics when I’ve got them sorted.

We had a long day out together. It was fun, though! Thanks, F! ^^ Oh, after that I had a birthday surprise to attend.

Can you believe it? My junior E, had a surprise birthday barbeque courtesy of her own mother. That’s like so cute! Her mother got around to contacting one of her closest friends and asked her to spread the word about the surprise. The unknowing E, was lost for words and actually yelled at her mother for the surprise. Simply because we caught her in her Tweety PJs. HAHA! I was mostly too tired from the adventure that day. So, I didn’t talk much.

Had a coughing racket when I tried so hard to sleep that night.

Note-to-self: To sell the 2 texts to G, when we meet again.

Lucky E. If only I could have a surprise like that. You know, friends surprising you… In a party of sorts or something, with all the people you’re always with or have always wanted to meet again. Sigh. And it’s all thanks to her mother. Lucky E.

It was just the surprise bit that really got to me. Oh, company was good. I owe G one for driving me home, yet again. G’s really nice to talk to. The rest seem as distant as always. Well, not near, not far. 

I kind of give up on close-people-relationships. I only keep up with those who do bother to do the same.

Worst surprise I’ve gotten thus far: I didn’t get the order I made from PaperGirlsShop. It was a long wait, since Wednesday. In the end, they gave me the piece that was recently put up. I wanted the older design. They said they had it. It so turns out that they gave me the reason that they mixed up the two designs.

One question: How can sellers be confused by the clothes that they themselves sell?

It’s utterly out of question. Of course, I’d prefer an exchange or a refund. They said they mixed it up and yet the piece that I wanted is no longer available. Nonsense. When it was decided that I wanted an exchange, they actually asked “Did you wear it already?” That was it man. They just wanted to get away with the phony reason they gave.

Why would I wear something I didn’t order? Pay for something I didn’t order? I’d better get what I order.

And they ask me to mail back the piece to them before they mail me another. Then what? I bear the postage fees? It’s their mistake, in the first place. And I’ve freaking paid the price for the damn piece that I’d ordered. Man…

They took so freaking long to answer my questions and suggestions. Now, it really brings me to doubt their sincerity in their online sale transactions. If this time around, I don’t get my exchange, I’m really going to just not buy from them. To think, I’d really liked the clothes they sell. Wanted to buy 3 at once. This is what I get, when I’m just trying out their service.



meeting people

July 14, 2006

Okay, I don’t know what did it but my ailments are gone!

Time passes you by fast, doesn’t it? I’d thought it was only the beginning of July but now it’s already almost the middle of it. Talk about fast.

The past month had quite a number of birthdays; of some I remember, of some I couldn’t attend, of some I haven’t kept in contact with for aeons, and of some I celebrated.

This month, celebrated one too. Fx’s. Boy, I didn’t know my JC friends are so lucky to have such luxurious homes. The second one I’ve been to thus far. I actually cabbed all the way to the right end of the island just to attend it. Was already a tad very late for it since I had work and couldn’t get off earlier than intended. Had durian cake! The first I’ve ever tasted for a birthday. It was fun though kinda short-lived. Well, I never really talked to Fx during that one year of study but he was fun too. Bet he enjoyed being dunked in peanut sauce, haha.

I’ve had two steamboat outings this week. One on last Sunday and one just last Wednesday.

I made a reflection unconsciously just yesterday I think. I was rather quiet on Sunday’s compared to Wednesday’s. Perhaps, it’s really the company that makes up my personality. I really had nothing much to say on Sunday’s, just you know being polite and stuff since I haven’t been to that house before. For Wednesday’s, maybe it’s because his parents weren’t home and stuff and the people, though it was a rare meeting, were really comfortable being around. I kinda enjoyed it. It was really very different. I had better food on Sunday’s. Wednesday’s was our own doing but the food didn’t really matter.

Seniors’ commencements were on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Yes. I COULDN’T ATTEND TUESDAY’S! You just don’t know how frustatedly disappointed I was and still am. I mean, I couldn’t really ask to knock off earlier because it really depends on the crowd coming in and you just don’t know when the kids will come in. They just come in when it was convenient to. In the end, there weren’t many during the last hour of work. But, I was already too tired from work to cab all the way down to the left of the island. Still, I’m just so sad I couldn’t attend it =(

I made the effort to get up early for Wednesday’s. It was a funny experience to be there. You know, watching your friends graduate and stuff. It was kinda cool and it felt nice too. It’s like I feel happy for them. Then it occurred that I won’t be seeing them around campus as rarely or as often in the coming 2 semesters. Still, I wasn’t lamenting about it, more like being happy for them. Funny and lovable bunch of people =) They will be missed. If only I could’ve attended all the other commencements too. That’ll be so memorable for me, though I’m not the one graduating.

memo: To get the pictures from them.

After the adventure back in campus, left for home. Then went to meet up with S to help her carry the stuffs over to H’s place for the steamboat. Met up with F, L and T at the MRT station before we went over to the supermarket to get the ingredients. It was kinda fun shopping. Yeah, you know a couple of almost spoilt 20-ers shopping for a steamboat. Although, it was 4 girls and 1 guy, we still took a long time to do shopping. Can you imagine the type of girlfriends I know? Haha, okay S is not so bad cos’ she has to cook for herself. So it’s different. At least I know what to buy too.

Then we waited like kinda very long for H to appear and we smuggled ourselves into a free shuttle transport to his place, which ended up squeezy and I had to share a seat with another lady. Well, I’m small anyway.

Reached his place and met D. H’s place has no one at home.

HAVOC ar!” cried out L.

That was the ultimate quote that I won’t forget noting down. Haha, when H mentioned that his parents were out since they know we were coming. Hilarious. But yeah, what can we do to havoc anyway =_=

It was a long evening and ate up into the night to prepare our dinner-turned-supper. I think I talked too much. Maybe it was due to the lack of sleep. If I didn’t do something, I could have just fallen asleep then and there at the eating table. The Mum was very nice to be around with. Oh and she was very helpful and stuff. She actually remembered me being there the last time. Haha, I find her so memorable.

You’re very cute

Can you imagine? She said that to me. LoL! Oh, and she was saying how it was better that I was talking more than the last time we met. Maybe it was just because I was more comfortable being there this time around. Plus, if you’re too friendly the first time you meet, it’s like abit weird, isn’t it?

Maybe it was really me lacking sleep and trying to avoid a void of silence being there. I did enjoy myself. I don’t know about the rest, though. It was nice to see L and T, whom so rarely attend the outings that we have. 9 people and the Mum and later, the Dad. It was nice =)

There were many instances that’d be nice to note. But yeah, if I were to note them down, I think this post will go on forever. I think I’ll just leave it imprinted to memory.

If I were to get amnesia one day, I know I’ll miss out on a lot… Things that weren’t noted, written or photographed. Will there be anything that will remind me of them?


x-men iii

June 7, 2006

Backposted: 08 June 2006 01:32 

I was like right on time for the show though I initially had plenty of time to prepare. Well, procrastinators are avid latecomers. At least for me, it's especially true.

Woke up at 10am, went back under the covers and woke up at 1pm.

Ate spaghetti with tomato-seedless-sauce! Ooo thanks Mama! MUACKS! Then hanged around the Clavinova, trying to recall the compositions that I could ever play. Got frustrated because my right pinkie isn't co-operating very well today. Beats me why. Maybe it's due to lack of practice.

Took the cup of bubble milk tea that Mama bought for me and dashed off when I finally did, to the cinema. On the way, I poked the straw at my bottom gum, bit my right cheek, and ouched the whole way to the bus-stop. Talk about luck.

Back to the show…

Once Mc and I left the cinema, I was feeling quite mixed-up.

  1. Cool calm start
  2. I see Angel's childhood and boy was it painful
  3. Jean's alive
  4. Scott died just by Jean's super kiss
  5. Jean had a super kiss with Logan and he almost died, though I knew he couldn't
  6. Prof X shredded into unseen pieces of nothingness
  7. Magneto actually said nice things about Prof X, and it quite baffled me as to what exactly is his relationship with Prof X
  8. Jean's cuckoo because of her once repressed power unknown to her being released; split personality alert
  9. Angel only really flew like thrice and spoke perhaps 3 lines in his grown up version
  10. Many mutants were sacrificed
  11. Mystique turned human and Magneto just abandoned her although she saved him. That ingrate!
  12. Magneto turned human too. Retribution.
  13. Logan killed Jean to save her. Why couldn't he use the cure?!? OMG
  14. Rogue turned human just to be able to touch Iceman. Isn't Rogue supposed to be with Gambit?!? Where's Gambit?!!!
  15. Magneto isn't able to play chess on his own anymore. I actually felt sad for him.
  16. The cure is ironically a mutant himself.

Many deaths. So few X-Men were actually participating as X-Men. Like what happened to the rest? I mean, don't they have other X-Men? It's really sad that they portrayed the story like that. The tragic end of the main characters are like so unneeded of. I don't know. I just felt quite let down that they didn't add in more characters as X-Men. Instead, they had more in the Brotherhood, whom died in the process.

What a weird end. I came out baffled. Mc was feeling the same way. He was feeling more impressed about seeing Kitty's ability though. Don't think he knows about the new generation X. Lol, it's in the cartoons, new generation X has Kitty in it.

Actually, my very most favourite character since I was a kid was and still is Gambit! He's so way cool to be able to shoot out cards. Sigh. He's like the dark horse. I wonder why no one remembers him, until of course they watch the romance between Rouge and Iceman…

Nice effects and actions, but characters seem downplayed. There's not much content to the script. Substantial content that says "This is X-Men".

Oh well, 7 bucks spent willingly but not quite satisfyingly.

Then we went wandering around like aimless souls. Lol.

Feeling a little empty today. Can't pinpoint it.


major rambling update

June 4, 2006

This is done in the case that I forget to even backpost what I've kept in mind to. If I don't type something, this conscience of mine will bug me "If you don't type, you'll forget. Type all this "…". If not, you'll never remember by the time you get to it. Better start typing…" and so it goes and keeps bugging me.

As a result, I had a sleepless night last night. Maybe I'm turning nocturnal for good, which explains my insomnia at night.

Dates I've been out:

  • 23 May 2006 – Movie "Over the Hedge" with Twin. Had dinner date at Pizza Hut at PS, where I first discovered that "1+1=1". I'll post up a picture to prove it… Then we went for our movie date. It was super hilarious! We had a great time 🙂 Then, we went ice cream date at Ben & Jerry's, all at the new mall, where the new Cathay is situated. Loved the date ❤
  • 26 May 2006 – Went out shopping with Mama and Sis at Orchard to get presents and stuff; Kino, Art Friend. Got home by bus, after finally discovering the bus stop behind the shopping mall.
  • 27 May 2006 – Gathering to celebrate M's birthday. After countless restless ideas, we ended up eating dinner at Pizza Hut and had 9 people altogether. Lots of crap, spicy drumlets, unexpected reactions, food, cake and coolness. I spotted the Wanroom Vol. 3 Gachapon machine! Got 3 separate furnitures! 🙂 Presents were all cool. Mama, Sis and I had a cool time deciding and decorating the presents. Anyway, I was out very late that day. Was supposed to meet up with them at City Hall at 4pm. I ended up being there at about an hour later. I had the most strangely coincidental encounter with SK in the MRT on the way there. The train was very crowded and I happened to notice that the guy in front of me had a scar on his left arm. I was wondering whether many people have such scar or flawless skin on their arms, those kind of mindless wonders. I happened to look around and looked up and the guy was wearing a cap. Then he sort of turned to his right and I caught a glimpse of the shape of his face. Then it just struck me that he is familiar. I took time to feel that instinct and decided that I was right. But, he was out of reach, so I waited till the next stop and he stepped back, ended up to my left. I poked his shoulder… That was the moment that I didn't want to forget noting down: coincidence.
  • 31 May 2006 – Went downstairs a bit to meet Gg to write a birthday message for a friend. He actually drove around to get everyone write messages into the same card… I mean like, WOW. I really give him my admiration. Because he called me, I had to wake up earlier than usual: 3pm. Cue in: -rolls eyes-
  • 2 June 2006 – Sis insisted that I wake up and got Mama drag me out of bed to have lunch together at Ctrl. We had KFC. Cool, but the appetite wasn't really there. My appetite starts in the wee hours. Haha! There was also this gross incident. Went walking around and stuff. Wanted to get the tops that we spotted in S&K back at Orchard the other day, but they've no more S in the TPY branch. Ended up getting cookies and went straight home. Why so early? Channel 8's 7pm show's ending today!!! It's the last episode to the serial! Nice show =) Good acting, nice make-up, nice plot. Was really interesting to watch.
  • 3 June 2006 – PC Show at Suntec with Mama and Sis! It was HUMAN TRAFFIC all over the exhibition hall. Didn't find anything nice enough buy. Well, even if there was anything nice, we didn't find it affordable enough. Haha, besides, it wasn't good enough. Okay, Sis bought the thumby she needed. Let's hope it's a reliable one this time around. Even M said it's cheap. Poor M, he had no customers in his shop over at Sim Lim =b because the whole of Sg was hoarding the PC Show. You wouldn't believe it's the whole of Sg until like me, you see 1 familiar face after another. I saw one of the promoters, a senior from sec school and another familiar face from the same place. When we were done exploring, we headed over to the Book Fair. All in all, I spent like 60 bucks on another Scrapbooking book because I couldn't resist its allures and a few materials that I found affordable. I'll be getting a free membership card too! How cool is that? Oh, by the by, they said I was eligible for a complimentary scrapbooking beginner's workshop, but I just found out that today, Sunday, is the last day of that workshop thingey and I'm suppose to book a slot 2 days in advance for it. Like, huh? And I can't call their shop on Sundays. Like, huh, huh? Forget it I guess. I can do with the books 😀 Happy happy! Oh, Sis and me shared to buy the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons illustration books! They were on offer: 29.90 each! Cool! The illustrations are so beautiful. And we then, lug everything all the way over to Marina Sq to do late lunch since Sis was famished. Food was too much, okay, but yeah just ate not to waste the food. It was freaking cold in the mall! So we walked over to Mini Toons and browsed plenty cute stuff. Then… We came across this hobby shop just beside Mini Toons. Found the Wanroom Vol.3 Set!!! Bought it for 20 bucks. Kinda costly but at least it was the offer price. Usual was 24, and 24's like really not worth it =b Going to look for the first 2 volumes… Ultra cool! Oh, then we went over to S&K to discover that size S is like totally out for the pieces that I saw the other day. So I went to try M just so that I could get the colour that I wanted. And they fit! In then end bought 2 light yellow tops and 2 spaghets. Maybe I'll try find in the other branches whether they still have the pink one, if I ever step out of the house again, that is… They're on sale, sooo I ended up spending lesser than expected. Spent a total of about 47 bucks. Today I'm so broke! T_T But I'm happy! Feeling a bit weird though…

I think it's the lethargy you get when you don't go out so often. Then when you finally do, you just do too much in one day and you get tired easily. Anyway, after all the shopping we decided to leave for home since Sis was saying that she's feverish. Think it's the too-cold-air-conditioning from the mall. We took the underground route via the CityLink and… HUMAN TRAFFIC. My gawd! I'll post up pictures another time. Plenty of things to explain via pictures. We met a guy on stilts handing out pamphlets along the route!!! I envy him for the fact that he doesn't have to squeeze through the crowd like squeezing toothpaste out of its tube. He's cute 😀 We ended up cabbing home! I fell asleep too. So that explains how much sleep I lacked.

For the record, I'm still working on the website that supposedly I'll move to. It's still under construction since I still don't have any inspirations or the know-how to create the layout for it. Still trying to get to it. Been juggling that with my mapling =X

For the record, my mapling is behind schedule because I can't get to level 70 by today. It saddens me that my goal is not reached =( 2 x Exp has expired too… =(( Don't know if I should get another one. Just don't think I have the time right now. I really feel like working on the serious stuff…

Last Friday, S contacted me regarding a job vacancy. It turns out that the place where she's working at, now needs people and so, yeah. Will be going there tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll get the job. She says it as if I'll get it. We'll see how, because I have unsure instinct kinda feeling.

About dreams, I haven't been able to recall clearly after I've forgotten to write them down. The most shocking thing is that, there was one night where I slept and kept waking up, or so I thought. Then, at one point of time, there was this series of dreams that I didn't want to forget, and I woke up to groggily scribble them down on my purple notebook, even choosing the slim ballpoint pen I had to write with. After scribbling enough content, I went back to sleep. When I finally did wake up, I was feeling rather glad because I was thinking "I woke up and wrote it down, so I'll have no problem journalling about it later…" I stretched, walked up to my desk and discovered that my purple notebook wasn't anywhere in sight. No purple paper either. It was actually still in my pouch or somewhere other than the desk. I couldn't believe it. I vividly recalled waking up to write it all down, and there was not an evidence of it but my memory.

Now this was what scared me. Are dreams just telling of what you're afraid of? Your insecurities? Your current status in life? Your current emotional struggle? Dreams are actually tell-tale signs of what you have in your current life, yet they visualise them to you in the most strangest scenarios. They exaggerate the scenarios.

Yet, other times, there are dreams of happy thoughts. Happy scenes. There was one dream, I dreamt that Mama, Sis and I were in this really huge hotel suite. It turns out to be the President's suite. It was that huge and yet there were these other people sharing it. It so happens that the people seem familiar, but I couldn't really see who they were. But the feeling that I had in that dream was that, "hey we've been here before…" It's like I entered that room before, I just don't know when.

There were other dreams I had in my childhood, where I kept going back to that same place. Always dreaming about the same place, and having the same things done. There was this certain void deck, where I ran to and we played. It was vague. Then one day, our family passed by this apartment block and when we walked past the void deck, I had this de ja vu stream through me "I've been here before", when in reality, it was the first time I was brought there. Strange, isn't it?

Then maybe, those dreams that I always have of a certain person, is just because I want to meet the person or be with the person? Maybe, it's just telling of an inner desire, which in the awake mode, I'm in doubt about.

I've heard from others that should you dream about a certain person, it's because the person's dreaming about you too. I've always wanted to believe that, but I just don't know anymore.

Now, those dreams that I have of the people I've always wanted to meet, just never occur anymore. Is it because my thinking has changed or the feelings have died? Weird.

If only dreams could tell the definite future, and that I can be sure that the dreams will come true. Of course, nice ones.

You'll realise that when you procrastinate, you tend to pile up everything… It shows in this entry… It shows the amount of memory that I keep…