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September 26, 2008

Oh did I tell you?

I decided to move. Just because I got simply too fed-up with a certain someone. I don’t know who or what is that someone thinking or doing anymore.

Fed-up lah!

To the point where everything just came to a standstill and nothing transpired to inspire me. To the point where I decided to move.

Everything else moved except something.

Anyway, decided to change the train of thoughts to something that I’ve always been enjoying/wanting/intending/been meaning to do. It’s only for a start. Maybe I can earn moolah some time in the future, out of it. That is provided I get good enough and enough materials to make with.

If you do happen to see a cow somewhere on wordpress. That’s me. A different version of the cow, though.


That’s it. I got too fed-up since July-Aug. Till now September.