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Where’s My Headstart?

June 27, 2008

“What have you been doing this past six months?”

“Why didn’t you work to gain experience?”

“Why didn’t you find a related job?”

Stop asking. Are you even listening to what I have to say? No.

Who’s the one in need of a headstart here? You or me?

You, sitting there. You have a freaking job to even ask me those questions. But have you ever been in my shoes? No. So why aren’t you even listening to what I have to say? I tell you my answers. But noooo, they fell onto deaf ears. Why bother asking? You think just because you have the right to ask me those questions, you can say whatever you want? Do you even understand the people you‘re freaking asking? I dare say no.

Six months, you think I got all the time to myself to idle? Do you even know how many freaking emails I’ve sent out that amount to hundreds and cluttering my sentBox? Do you know how many freaking replied? Do you know how many dumb recruit agents out there who call up and give a so-called phone interview and ask so many questions, which could have been answered if they bothered to read the freaking CV/resume that they themselves requested to be sent to them for review before they even call me up? Do you know how many said, “I’ll call you once there’s an available related position to your needs.” Do you know how many called back? Do you know WHEN they DO call back? Do you know how many interviews I managed to even get called up to?

No. And NO to everything. You know nothing.

But do I rebutt to your argument about me being idle? I say nicely that i required that break while I look for opportunities out there that were open.

No, you refuse to accept my reply as acceptable. You asked why I didn’t bother work part-time here and relief there and gained some experience at the moment of those six months.

Now, tell me. If there is such an employer whom will employ someone for the period of six months knowing that you would want to pursue something bigger, would they hire you? You think they’ll hire someone without any experience for that short amount of time? A definite no, because they want someone whom that requires least surveillance for so that they can cut down the process time. Efficiency.

And here there is a job that says on the application as: Non-XXX Experienced Applicants. But no, they asked me why I did not get experience for it first before applying for the above. Is this a joke played on me or what? You think I applied for the heck of applying? You think I don’t know the gravity of the position I applied for? You think I’m childish to have said what I did? Hey, please read the title of your application form and tell me there is no irony in what you’ve questioned me about.

And you call yourselves the experts? What do you know? Ah yes, you only KNOW how to ask questions. Irrelevant questions to the position you yourselves offer to the people.

No experience required and yet you ask me why didn’t I go gain any if I was interested in the job. You think everyone has only 1 goal for a job? If I did that, won’t that mean I will actually take more than six months since EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYER wants me to have experience, when they freaking don’t give me any?

If EVERYthing needs experience, even the NON-XXX EXPERIENCED applications, WHERE do ALL the no-experience people of this world get their freaking jobs that they DO FINALLY end up with SOME experience?

WHERE IS MY HEADSTART, if you don’t EVEN give me one?

I would have said all the above to you yesterday evening, if I had been in proper mind and health. Alas, I was down with flu and medication really affects me. But did you know about that? No. Where are the people’s conscience? They contradict the very application for the position being offered.

Wouldn’t I deserve that six months break after years of books and exams, should I be joining the likes of you? To suffer the reality of the job, of which you think I do not see and that my thoughts were childish. I thought about this application for years and thought to apply before it was too late, and this was what I got? A demeaning interview session with you.

I have my pride. I have my dignity.

Yes, it’s either NO experience is the problem or possibly you doubt my racial identity. Perhaps you’re racist but you just do not admit it. Perhaps you think I can’t make it and won’t even let me try to prove you wrong. You ask for testimonials in your letter, but in person you don’t even bother to bring it up. So what makes you think you defined my very character correctly?

And for god’s sakes or the world’s sakes, never freaking ask for a resume/CV to be sent to you, if you don’t bother to read it in detail and ask all the same questions that are answered already inside. What? You think people lie in their documents? I admit some of the people I know do that. But no, I hate being dishonest and have to admit that I was without a job. But what do I get in return? Nothing.

I have had enough of this nonsense. I have a life to live and no, employers don’t give a damn. They ask for the very thing that wasn’t needed in the title of the position. Dense or blindness, I do not know.

What do I have to live for then? Is my life that worthless?