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July 29, 2008

Was required to do different kinds of stitches to finish up my knitted pieces as instructed in the pattern. And as usual I find myself all muddled up. Here are my treasured finds…

In the knitting projects I’m currently caught in or have completed…

  1. Back Stitch: Needed for my Beret, Slippers, Fingerless Gloves
    – Basically joining the edges / ends of the knitted rib
  2. Blanket Stitch: Needed for my Bum Bag
    – Creating Button Loop Holes for the front side of the pocket
  3. Slip Stitch: Needed for my Bum Bag
    – Joining 2 knitted pieces to form the bag by sewing folded ends

A side note, I just discovered a Video site with more useful guide-tutorials!


  1. Back Stitch
  2. Blanket Stitch
  3. Slip Stitch 

Guess What Happened?

July 22, 2008


project Knit!-II

July 11, 2008

This is the most recent update of my Knitting Frenzy! Though I’d still want to know how to make those cute mini things that are usually done by Crochet… I’d better make most of what I’ve just started first.

I haven’t really completed my Gloves set that I’ve mentioned in project Knit!-I simply because I was without the Yarn needle to sew the rib together. And lo and behold, just when I needed it…


 Well, when Mum saw the leaflet in the mail before I did, she went, “So are you going? If not, I’ll go ahead without you. Pass me the VIP card ya!” Lol!

So away we went on the 9th at PS at about 1pm, after people were done with their lunch, or so we thought…

Yes, the queue was everywhere! Every single counter had a line tailing behind somewhere somehow. No, lunch time did not affect it somewhat. Instead, most of the customers were like household people, seldom seen in the mall at that hour. That’s the hilarious thing about it.

Anyway, we started getting busy finding useful things we could deal with. Mum was busy finding soft towels, cloth patches, pencils, more cloths, packages to make soft toys! Yes, all because Sis had bought this cool Soft Toy book at a booksale at Kino some time back. So, while I’m busy with knitting, Mum and Sis are busy making dolls. I can tell you the result is so adorable, you would want to make one yourself too! Well, at least that is the response from the friends Sis has given them to.

I bought… more kits! Only nice ones I did. Well not exactly all are kits. There were some design patterns that came with the wool/yarn balls’ paper wrappings. Those are like free patterns to try out with the designed wool/yarn. I bought a couple myself!


In total, there’re 3 patterns:
1) [Intermediate] Camouflage Multi Kit: 1 Beret, 1 Back Pack, 1 Scarf, 1 Bum Bag, 1 Dog Coat on
    10.0mm needles
2) [Moda Vera trifle Colour No: 02] 4 Balls for 1 Trifle Scarf on 9.0mm needles
3) [Moda Vera flurry Colour No: 303] 5 Balls for 1 Flurry Poncho on 15.0mm needles

Also bought:
4) 2 Sewing Needles Size 13 (which matches the Yarn/Darn Needle size required)
5) Row Counter for Sizes 5.50-7.50mm (since I always lose count of rows, but there wasn’t any bigger)

A side buy was:
6) A pair of PVC Coasters

All the knitting accessories are by Birch. I have a preference for the Plastic Knitting Needles by them because they’re in different colours! Easy differentiation and they’re kept in plastic holders, except for my first 2 sizes: 5.5mm & 6.0mm.

It was a steal-buy for me (though I haven’t paid Mum yet :X)!

Last night, I was in a dilemma of which to start on first! When you have too many choices, that’s what happens I guess. So I’d thought I’d start with the Kit. But there were a whole lot of new abbreviations mentioned in the Kit that I wasn’t exposed to yet. So, last night was Youtube night again. I managed to compile a list of links to guide me along especially since this Kit involves multiple colours. Interesting Kit I must say. I was so eager to start on the Bum Bag, but I didn’t know how to make button holes. Another problem was also increasing/decreasing a stitch.

At least from what I know now, I can only start on the Beret, without the button holes, but with colours and different number of stitches. So I only just started 2 rows off the Beret, and forgot how to switch colours to the next…

July 11, 2008 at 14:47hrs
To be continued…


project Knit!-I

July 11, 2008

Oftentime you do something or take up a new hobby to keep your mind off unhappy thoughts. Guess I’m already used to doing that all these years of my life since I always have a new hobby. Ha!

I have always been this fan of knitting because it really baffles me how people can weave a ball/(s) of yarn into things varying from small (sock) to huge (sweaters). Wouldn’t you think that’s like ultra cool? Well yeah, maybe those shirts and shorts and stuff use machines to weave them together, but I’m talking about hand-woven ones. Knitting!

Everytime I saw a small bag or hat or flower, I’d ask my Mum, “Mum, do you know how to knit that?” And everytime she’d tell me that she doesn’t do knitting. She does crochet! That’s one reason why she’s always seen with 2 stainless steel crochet needles when Sis and I were like in kindergarten. Back then, Mum always crochetted something for us to wear. Either to bide time away, or probably like what I’d feel about knitting, to make something cute and adorable for your loved ones. She was the only Mum who crochetted flower-like hats for us to wear wherever we went when we’re out! 2 different sizes to accommodate the 2 of us. The last thing I’d remember she crochetted for me was this blue handbag with yellow strap to carry to school. That kinda bag was the in-thing back then in secondary – JC days, and my mum just knitted for me to make me happy. It was like the coolest thing because I really like the blue she used and the blue-yellow combi was complementing the P.E shirt of that particular JC. Haha.

Oh yes, she liked to crochet cushion covers, table mats, laces to adorn her scarves and lots more. There were like tonnes she could do with that ball of thread and 2 needles.

I wanted to do what she did but she’s always saying that I wouldn’t have the time to take it up and oftentimes I complete my handicrafts halfway and forgot about it. Well, yeah because usually my free time is shortlived and by the time I wanted to get back to the project, it is lost somewhere in the deep forest of my room. Yes, my room has turned into a storeroom to my dismay =.=

In any case, when I saw knitting kits and wanted to buy them, my Mum would just roll her eyes. So, about 2 months back, I decided to learn to knit!

Did you know that Spotlight here offers free VIP membership? Well, I kinda realised it too late, but I still applied for it like end of last year (after I bought everything I wanted to make for Xmas..). Since then, I’ve been getting those newsletters they send ever so often and any discounted sales going on.

Then about 2 months back, they had this sales going on, selling affordable knitting kits – yarn & instructions all included. It was like the coolest thing ever to start with for a novice-know-nothing-about-knitting like me.

I bought 2 sets:
1) [Basic] White Fingerless Gloves & Headband on 6.0mm Knit Needles
2) [Intermediate] Purple/Pink Slippers on 5.5mm Knit Needles

And like any enthusiastic novice, I wanted to try the Slippers set first! Upon realising that I don’t even understand the abbreviations, not even any bit of it, I sulked and started on the Gloves.

Best part of all, I knew zero about knitting. I asked my Mum, “Mum, do you know how to start???” She then looked at me, thought for a while, looked again. Then she took my 6.0mm needles and taught me how to cast-on and what does a K:knit look like and what a P:purl looked like. It was still hard for me to understand. I only got the cast-on bit and forgot once I lost a cast-on. The only thing left for me to do, was look into Youtube! Youtube is a blast for learning new handicraft I tell you! Seriously.

After watching a couple of videos, I got a hang of the 3 new steps I learnt. And that was enough for me to complete a full 20×20 rib. But that was only 1 hand of the glove. And I didn’t know how to end my rib. Lol! I didn’t know what’s bind-off. My Mum didn’t know either. Well, I did feel helpless because usually Mum knows more than I do. For once, I had to find out via video again. And realised it wasn’t so difficult after all.

When the rib was completed, there was one more problem. I didn’t have a Yarn needle to sew the piece together. I had to go back and purchase that to finish my glove.


  1. Cast-On: Tying slip knots onto LHS working needle to X-amount of stitches required.
  2. K[X]: Knitting X-amount of stitches as required for row.
  3. P[X]: Purling X-amount of stitches as required for row.
  4. Knit on one side == Purl on other side.
  5. Bind-Off (in knits)
    Knit the first 2 stitches from LHS to RHS as per normal.
    Loop the first (inner) stitch on the RHS over the 2nd stitch to get 1 bound-off & 1 stitch left.
    Knit the next (3rd) stitch from LHS to RHS.
    Loop the existing (inner) stitch on the RHS over the new stitch to 1 bound-off & 1 stitch left.
    Repeat till end of row.
  6. Bind-Off (in rib):
    To repeat the above process but following the rib of your project.
    – K, P sequence or etc.