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M begs to differ ii

January 24, 2007

 After M found out about me quoting…

Moomoo is evil
It rhymes with devil
Laughing like a monster
Wait I’ll throw you into a dumpster

So here it goes:

Moomoo’s Daily Routine

Moomoo’s definitely not studying
While I am thinking of sleeping
As the day goes passing
Moomoo’s still slacking

Bit of bit the dawn is cracking
As Moomoo realised that its morning
Rushes to the toilet to begin her brushing
To prepare for a new day of slacking

The day ends with Moomoo slacking
Rushes home to begin Tv watching
Soon begins her eating
While thinking of dancing
But what happened to the studying?

After dancing
Moomoo decides to do some light sleeping
Light sleeping slowly turned in loud snoring
Which in turn woke up the kid napping
In her fid, kid takes her camera and began photo taking
Of what appears to be a pig snoring


Cute isn’t it? ^^

Okay, so I was wrong yeah? You can be a poet too! Lol!!!


M begs to differ

January 24, 2007

This is a cute contribution by M:

Moo likes pink
She sings punk
I like blue
It rhymes with clue


Moo is always playing
When she should be studying
Spends the day, dreaming
Of AuditionSEA dancing

Haha! This brought wrinkles to my eyes 😉


the nightmare

January 23, 2007

I woke up a few times. Mainly due to sudden noise or the mobile giving radial signals to the black box and such. There was one time, I woke up abruptly and on conscious signal.

I was with a few small kids, or so I recall. The feeling reminds me of the times I spent at work, pinching kids’ cheeks, praising or nudging them when the need strikes. Yet, at one point in time, I was there trying to just touch this girl’s face and somewhere along that line, the girl shrieked out in fear. Fearing that I’ll hurt her, kill her. I felt so misunderstood. I felt fear. I felt as if I wasn’t wanted the way I intended. I meant entirely no harm, and there I was being accused of it. I wanted it to all go away. I know it couldn’t be real…

I woke up.

The house was large. There were several rooms. There was this heavy aura in the air, as if something really eery had already happened and it wasn’t the last. I was with family and relatives. Somehow, there was this 3 cousins of mine. Their mum is already known to have passed on. There came this sudden commotion about me having done something to have made it worse. I counted. There were only 2 cousins with us. The other was missing. I never saw her, the youngest. It’s as if she was left out in the heaty weather while there was a parade of some sort. I don’t recall. But she wasn’t with us anymore… I didn’t feel right. I don’t know what happened. Then I was in my room, at least it seems to be the room I run back to. My mum was there. Only me and her. Then there came this receipt. I had a standing amount totalling to $2,300 from making calls to various different numbers via my mobile. I keep trying to recall, who was it that used my mobile phone. Tried recalling, but I knew that my mobile is always with someone I trust. I didn’t want to pay that amount… Then I tried searching all possible ways of how someone could come up with such a receipt. There was a point in time, where I realised I might have been stalked as my personal information were in a certain piece of paper, wrapped neatly by plastic wrapper. I don’t know what’s happening. Everything seems to be wrong. I called up Gg. He sounded drunk. I don’t know why either. I never remembered him to drink…

I woke up.



January 21, 2007

While trying to grasp
What I couldn’t see
As the time lapsed
Along came insecurity

Awake I lay
I’ll punch the keys
First thing of the day
Greetings nitty-gritty

Little words said
Wrinkles to the eyes
Lying in wait
Fretting the goodbyes

There were times
I felt the same
Nostalgic rhymes
Of the old game

Yet the feeling differs
The ache unbearable
When thoughts confer
You become unforgettable

Peculiar how
I can see in dreams
You making a bow
Us in another realm 

Hardly believable
Seems like insanity
Butterflies, bubbles
Pride, a vanity

Differences may be
Without them
No one can be
Whom they claim

It takes two to tango
Dance to the lingo
Synchronised we go
Countering all woe
Should one hang low
Two balances the bow
Strengthens the dough
Of our little song, “oh”

No one’s perfect
Neither am I
Combining the intellect
We can surely fly

I don’t wanna try
Not calling it an attempt
I don’t wanna say goodbye
Not leaving in contempt

Let’s walk the trail
To the clouds
In that monorail
Screaming joys aloud



January 19, 2007

Sometimes it really makes you wonder…

What if the person on the other side, isn’t what you think he/she is?
What if it’s all a fraud?
What if you’re just being played around with, just cos’ you trust people too easily…

I really wish it weren’t the case. I wish it isn’t all just a lie. I wish that I could at least trust in something across these bandwidths and that people are not all that sadistic. Sadistic to play around with those who put in plenty of trust into a people relationship.

Even though it’s across the bandwidths.

Is it all but a coincidence
Is it mistrust on my side
Is it just my ignorance
Or are you trying to hide

I don’t know your history
It isn’t really polite to ask
All seems a mystery
When all I can do is trust

Is it insecurity
Is it the imagination
Driven to insanity
Of pure infatuation

I don’t know

When there’s no reply
I’ll never know
When you don’t say goodbye
My eyes hang low

We can’t see each other
We can say anything
Climbing up the ladder
To an imaginary swing

I don’t know

Here I am hoping
I ain’t a fool
Sitting around moping
Over being a tool

Was I lied to
I’ll never know
It takes two
To keep it on go

I don’t know

Maybe messaging never does work, does it… Sigh

What am I actually?



January 4, 2007

First post of the year?

Plenty of things to update about. Many thoughts, many dreams, many doubts, many frustrations. Somehow, phrases in my sentences, like to rhyme like a simple whine. Honestly, rhyming isn’t really intentional unless it’s a poem. Oh well~

Just a thought to keep track of:

To know people you don’t know personally, you gotta actually meet them at least once or twice… Otherwise, how’d you ever know them personally if you’ve never seen the other in person?

— it will only be a contradiction

A friend, Mf, asked, “what’s your purpose of playing here? friends? fun?“. It’s both for me. Especially since, I did meet M and E from MS. Just coincidentally, M happens to enter the same uni as I’m in. So the friendship kinda extended out from the game world. It may sound crazy to some people, reminding me of how I’d reacted in the past, that meeting game friends is a nice thing to do.

Yeah, people may lie to you about themselves. People may trick you into doing stupid stuff. Then again, it’s the era, where you can judge people from the way they interact in the games themselves. I think Mf would agree with this. No, I haven’t seen Mf in person =) Even my other friend E, I haven’t met E in person either. I wanted to, but somehow wasn’t destined to.

Anyway, I’d thought this time around, I won’t want to get cheated by opportunities or time. I wanted to make full use of what’s there. If I could have it, I’d go for it. If I could meet, I will. It’s not a question of “why bother?” It’s more of what I want out of it. The friends I’ve made since the past month, have something in common somewhat. It’s either the experiences they’ve shared or perhaps it’s the age range that keeps us together. It’s the conversations that stick us together, if it isn’t the challenge we get from the game. It’s not a matter of whether they’re just a fig of the internet created by themselves. It’s a matter of trust in our friendship.

Interesting, how people meet without seeing one another and they can sometimes feel the other. There are those who can even analyse. Pro.

There are those who can’t fully express themselves or grammatically, and yet I understand them. Problem is, I don’t know if they understand me.

Mf asked me to write a poem for reads, so here it is:


there you are
yet i’m bothered
again there you are
yet i’m frustrated

i don’t hate you
i don’t mind your presence
i’m okay with two
i’m okay with the silence

silence may bore
i know it does
yet i don’t know
if it will last us

there’s the button
that’s holding me back
maybe the glutton
is keeping me in check

what if
you left me
what if
it was just me

what if
i missed out
something greater out there
such that i’ll shout
“it isn’t fair!”

is it just me
my selfishness
is it just me
my greediness

i’m lost
am i to say yes
am i to try
or am i to say “god bless,”
“this is goodbye”

someone tell me
pray tell
what to do of me
please ring a bell

i’m only human
release this guilt
of confusing emotions
that has been built

pretty please

Lost or just undecided. Or are they the same…