Moodprints has been to three different bloghosts, including WordPress. Moodprints was once a teenager who thought that blogging was something that could be done to keep in touch with the people whom were cared about. Apparently, not many really cared to read. It's either time or the proximity of our friendship.

Moodprints have met many people, but not many really stayed in touch. Perhaps it's because Moodprints never did keep in touch due to the ever-fast-changing-environment that gives Moodprints no room for breather or time to spare for others, when none is spared for self.

Moodprints, being a fast-learner but the perfectionist, and having to adapt to changes so quickly, has had quite the number of ups and downs. Everyone has them. It's whether or not they're able to cope with them. Moodprints had to fight them with whatever support that's given willingly to aid.

There have been instances, after looking back, does Moodprints realise that some things were taken for granted unwittingly. There have also been those instances, where Moodprints didn't see what was there for grasp. Moodprints was quite the ignorant human. Either that or really clueless. Still is. It's just a matter of time that anyone bothers to point it out to Moodprints.

Moodprints is a learning journey of self.

I used to call this a blog back in 2004, but now I'd like to call it a journal. A journal of how I've grown, in thoughts, in actions, in words. Most of the salvaged archive is not available here. Will be when you see them.

If anything seems to be contradictory with what I've written in the past, you can't blame me for growing, can you?

If anything seems undesirable for your reads, whether is it for entertainment, knowledge or our relationship, then by all means, leave this page.

I'm doing this mainly for myself. If you do care to keep track, then by all means do so.

Any names are left as abbreviations, so as to prevent any unwanted strife should any of them reads this space. People tell me assumptions are bad. So if you do have questions, feel free to leave a comment. If you don't see a reply or your comment, it means I can't answer you. 

This is my memory. What's posted is my mood printed 😉

Moodprints is only human.