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nearing another end~

November 27, 2006

This shall be a general post!

It has been long since I last entered something in here =/ In fact, I didn’t even think of updating. Some resolution it was of keeping regular entries =_=



Okay, only that is over. All those endless days of java popping into dreams and guilt of not having completed all that I was supposed to and the cramps from typing too much and that loss of sleep over trying to accomplish whatever possible before the deadline and trying to cover up mistakes and trying not to be questioned too much and trying to show that we did put in plenty of effort…

Though we didn’t manage to integrate everything together but I was thankful that we did have something. One thing for sure, I do feel bad for not being able to help Kh much. The fact that he had to do all the integrating and all the access rights and etc. The fact that most of what he did was supposed to be shared work. The fact that it’s a 6-people project but IMHO it seemed as if he did at least half of it if not more. — That makes one person for me to remember.

Friends that I’ve made. Enemies? — Perhaps.

Tolerance of those that seemed to be giving Kh more work to be done. — Well, can’t say that I wasn’t one of them.

I appreciate knowing J too. — One person I’ll remember cos’ she’s just the way she is. Lol, I don’t know how to describe it.

I appreciate knowing Jm. — As a friend.

Unfathomable things happened. Still, I’m glad it’s over. I just hope it wasn’t all for naught.

That was all over after the 20 November 2006 in the late evening, around 9.00pm. When everyone left to their separate ways, it felt awkward. — For me it did. Though it’s sort of over, the thought that we won’t be seeing one another anymore dawned on me. Although I don’t fancy all of them, it feels incomplete if we’re not together as a group . Ironic, eh?

I’ll just keep the good memories.

Have learnt plenty of things in this just one semester. Haven’t had that feeling since never. I’m surprised at myself for being able to complete most of what I had to, although not on par. Still, if it was me in some other group, I think I wouldn’t have learnt this much. Honestly, I’m a programming idiot. At least that’s what I thought myself to be. But I just wanted to be the best I am.

Have tried coping with the other modules too. Okay, remember that midterm I had? Well, I failed it =_= Not surprised, though.

Bad news again is that I didn’t do the last Lab Assignment cos’ I had to complete the project. It was either me or the group. I chose the group. Sigh. Hope all ends well, though the likes of it seems bleak!


Been in some sort of study group with Gg, M and a few girls as they deem themselves available to be there. Didn’t really get much out of it simply cos’ I never really get the answers that I was looking for. There are those that Gg is just as lost as I am >_< And the one who gets the most out of it is probably yeah.

There are things that I can’t fathom during those sessions. Tried to brush them off, telling myself I’m just distracted over nothing. Maybe I’m just too complicated a person o_O

Don’t think I’ll return for more study groups until perhaps the last paper?

Oh, but there were moments that I really enjoyed. Shall just keep them in mind.


Not quite in the mood to study!

Feeling empty and deprived… I just miss those times where I meet people. Man, it’s depressing. 3 papers and it’s another year to worry about. I better do well.



I miss talking to poopoo. I miss going to lectures with Gg. I miss having those meetings where I have J calling me hammie and those times where I really look so blur they actually get a laugh out of it. I miss having those meetings where I argue with Kh. I miss sleeping during lectures. I miss listening to the SSB lecturer and watching videos during Comp Graphics lectures. I miss complaining about the things that I have to do. I miss getting stressed.

Okay, I’m WEIRD. — Lol.

Alright, I’ve played too much already this weekend. First paper’s on Tuesday. Better get cracking to reading and revising.


By the by, I’ve come to realise that impressionable dreams are best remembered if you’re not frightened to the awaken state. They are especially impressionable if you’re in that dreamy state where u suddenly realise you’re actually dreaming. Before you take control of continuing your dream, take that moment to remember what has happened thus far!

I’ve dreamt a hefty lot too. I just can’t recall all of them up to date.

For last night’s… I dreamt M had a blog! I was kinda surprised, he asked me to guess the address of the blog. All that was done via an MSN conversation. Then he actually told me the address, but it was kinda long. I don’t quite remember the address. If only I did… Then I was surfing and I saw his face in one video that was embedded into my friend’s blog entry. Somehow the video was embedded in youtube form and he was in it! I read the entry and it’s like he’s known throughout the campus as one of the known jokers. I thought I recognised his name written in Chinese. It was clearly him and his face in that video. I was about to tell him about it, as he was telling me his blog address…

I don’t know what came out of it, though. I think I was woken up or something. It was just really surprising to know that he keeps a blog. Anyway, M, if you’re reading this, I’m not kidding. Lol, I saw your face clearly in that video and the MSN conversation seemed so real.

Freak, think I got too used to looking at your MSN window!

Weird thing is, I don’t know why I dreamt of that o_O

Oh there was this other time, I dreamt that I was with a group of friends. I don’t really recognise any of them save for Fai from secondary school. It seemed as if we were a group of student organisers of some sort. Sometimes I see Fai, other times I’m with some other group, handling little kids (think I fancy kids too much). The organisers were clad in some red uniform, T-shirts? We were running around, I don’t know to where. But I was having fun. Then there was one time where I had to climb up something. It was super high! But I did it! And then there was another time where Fai asked me to run or I don’t remember how I started running. The thing is, I never fancied running, but when the suggestion was made, I just ran. Then we met another group of people. Some group of Mly people? I don’t quite remember them but we were watching something. I don’t recall the place, but there were plenty of people in it. Then we kinda made a mess of the eating place I think. I think we had a mini barbecue of some sort. So I went to clean the stuff. Or was I?

The memory of it is kinda vague now. I think I dreamt it like after I was done with coding and the last official day of school. That fine Thursday 16 November 2006 afternoon, I returned home and slept from 3.30pm ’till Friday 8.00am. It was a super long sleep after the puny 7 hours of sleep I managed to squeeze out from Monday to Wednesday.

I actually recalled the dream over and over and trying to make sense of it. Think it sums up what I managed to counter what I never thought I was capable of. I really felt that sense of accomplishment. Compared to the me, who never really tried suggestions, this time I did. I realised that there are people out there who are better than I am. I should take suggestions with an open mind.

Ah, the bliss of it. I really did learn a hefty.

‘Till the next time~

Didn’t turn out to be such a general post after all… Sheesh!