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March 12, 2007

Sacrificed my weekend for a 9:00 – 18:00 job, helping out at the openhouse in school. Got paid like 10 bucks per hour. Good money, ain’t it?

Downside is that, I could have been at home slacking and doing some homework in between. I didn’t get to do any. At most was perhaps a few games when I reached home, or I just K.O.-ed or I’d have to discuss a tad few things regarding projects. Even then, it was brain-draining.

At school, I’m like a whole different person. When I reached home, I’d either turn melancholic, depressed or too tired out – mostly due to the same reason.

It is a big sacrifice, I must say. Given the fact that I have the regular number of weekly assignments due and projects to start doing. Surprisingly, they’re all pretty much lagging. Sigh.

All in all, it’s not impossible not to catch up. But I did have my share of fun while at work. I can tell you, I haven’t laughed that many a laughter eversince the semester started. I’m glad I met the people I did. 2 days, but it was memorable enough. It was like we knew one another for semesters!

Guess you can get all the fun you want, especially if you chuck aside thoughts of nagging responsibilities at bay and throw no airs. Of course, you have to pay with a dose of lethargy as well. It was a hell of a fun 2-days though we were suppose to sell our faculty. Haha!

I shall remember how they were mean to me too! I was called xiao gui a.k.a hantu kecil a.k.a small ghost / small kid just because. Rawr! And all the scandals they invented of me and a few guys… That was it man. I shall slaughter you guys when I see you in campus the next time! I’ll remember obsolete unc mike and the chindian accent and the laid back L-O-L guy. Of course, there’re so many other things to remember like our little factory that was set up and how we competed for re-productivity (quoting: cyn). Haha! Madness… and you’d think we’re computer nerds. You wouldn’t believe that sweeping statement if you heard our little and loud conversations. Man, I’ll miss these 2 days. Oh! Mr LMB is so cute! Haha, he’s so fun to tease! I couldn’t believe that he’s trendy enough to go shop around those lines of pushcarts in Bg Vill. He has this huge white watch bought from one of them! He actually teased me back a few times later, lol! And you have all these smart people having fun along with you, getting to know one another. Initially, I felt inferior to them but the feeling tapered off somehow.

Man, it was way too cool to forget.

If only such laughters were that easy to come by… Helps you forget what you’ve been trying so hard to.


presence; security

March 6, 2007

There are only two types of people.
Those who are “there” and those whom “never were”.
– me

Those who are never here or there.
– mf

I am of the 3rd type.
Who is “there” and suddenly “never were”.
And if you don’t get good results, it’ll be “never were”.
– k

Don’t you wonder? When you’re at your weakest, who’re actually there for you. When you’re at your strongest, who never got to witness it. Your silence, does it mean anything to a certain someone. Your anguish. Your fears. You feeling lost. Who actually cares to ask?

In the midst of a conversation, regardless of medium, will you leave it hanging? With the person on the other side waiting for your reply.

How much do you understand of one another, to be able to feel okay, even if there’s no regular communication?

What does it take for you to trust someone to be as honest as you?

Are there even honest people out there?

Will you ever feel at ease, knowing that not everyone is telling the naked truth? Everyone has a little something to hide. Everyone has a little something that they’d wish to keep to just themselves, no one else.

Will there ever be a time where everyone could be truely happy? Regardless of what happened, they’ll brush it off like dust and move on.

Who can tell?


M begs to differ ii

January 24, 2007

 After M found out about me quoting…

Moomoo is evil
It rhymes with devil
Laughing like a monster
Wait I’ll throw you into a dumpster

So here it goes:

Moomoo’s Daily Routine

Moomoo’s definitely not studying
While I am thinking of sleeping
As the day goes passing
Moomoo’s still slacking

Bit of bit the dawn is cracking
As Moomoo realised that its morning
Rushes to the toilet to begin her brushing
To prepare for a new day of slacking

The day ends with Moomoo slacking
Rushes home to begin Tv watching
Soon begins her eating
While thinking of dancing
But what happened to the studying?

After dancing
Moomoo decides to do some light sleeping
Light sleeping slowly turned in loud snoring
Which in turn woke up the kid napping
In her fid, kid takes her camera and began photo taking
Of what appears to be a pig snoring


Cute isn’t it? ^^

Okay, so I was wrong yeah? You can be a poet too! Lol!!!


M begs to differ

January 24, 2007

This is a cute contribution by M:

Moo likes pink
She sings punk
I like blue
It rhymes with clue


Moo is always playing
When she should be studying
Spends the day, dreaming
Of AuditionSEA dancing

Haha! This brought wrinkles to my eyes 😉


panic; poopoo’s back ^^

September 22, 2006


No matter how the others put it, the advisor is seemingly pissed off with us. Well, that’s the perception I get when I read his emails.

No matter how the others put it, I’m still in panic simply because.

I can’t bring myself to ease, plus the fact that I’m mentally on teethers, physically quite able, innards a tad queasy what with ALL that air inside since the morn’.

I feel AWFULLY SICK with what I already have in queue to be done, yet reminded again by the emails, which I awfully hate the most. Just give me the deadlines, will you? I hate reminders. I repeat, I hate reminders. Especially from the higher authority. I will give the final product, but just leave me be in my time, space and peace. — ala rant due to panic

I feel so disoriented because everything comes at me all at once. I want to calm down, yet I wish it were all just an awful nightmare. I have to cope with it, yet I wish I could run away from it all.

It may seem a tad too emotional to you. But if you were me, the panic-stricken me that I am now, you will feel like jumping out of the window as of the now.

Currently I have 3 urgent things to worry about:

  1. Lab Assignment
  2. UI
  3. Codes

Codes and more codes. Each time I even try to visualise it, I feel like vomiting. Literally, what with the AIR inside my system. I tell you, it feels horrible. There’s like air bubbles everywhere inside me.

AFTER I hopefully finish the 3 things, I have to think about the SSB and the coming midterms. Next week’s recess week, and I doubt I’ll be able to do anything I want. I haven’t even started on the present. I hate this life. I hate this timing. I hate being hurried like this.

Given the procrastinator that I am, it’s not that I don’t want to do things. It’s the mood. Seriously, when I really want to do something, I will when I feel all set to. If I don’t, like the panic-stricken me I am now, I won’t be able to understand anything, much less achieve something.


warning: this section is mainly based on quotes from a conversation with a friend. take it with a pinch of salt like i do. if you could, you’ll realise how amused i am. otherwise, don’t bother reading 😉

In the midst of all that chaos, after I’ve read everything and stuff and tried coming to terms with the mess I’m in now, my eyes literally lit up when I saw poopoo online.

This was how poopoo greeted me, when I MSNed poopoo:

“happy 23rd birthday booboo”

“O_O oei since when i’m 23 years old WTH

“no? its been 2 years since i talked to u on msn”

den how come i havent quit uni

“u stayed back ah?”


eh green color nice anot

“ha fking nice. PUI. and the people inside all brainwashed. everyday other than sex and army songs, nothing else”

WA u oso brainwashed le

“serious i tell u. nah, i’m pro. pro dun get brainwashed”

I started laughing. Really amused. Then, the best part was when poopoo forgot the password to be able to change the bank account no. of some profile. Best part was, it was the username that’s wrong too. Surprisingly, after 2 tries of incorrect username entries, the system allows poopoo to enter the NRIC as the username. I thought that was a cool system. But he didn’t realise that he still didn’t have his password, to start with, until he tried and I mentioned it. LOL.

Then, when I was laughing at him and stuff and mentioned that I wanted to find something to eat, he just attacked by saying,

“later i eat prata. hoho”

i cant find anything except chips… cos i cant cook… u get prata…

“HOHO. 1 kosong, 1 egg and 1 cheese. SONG”

nvm since u juz come out, i shall REN my jealousy

“hahah, ya. now i come home, like king”


“and the most stupid thing, i need to get 2 pic of my loved ones =.=. fking lame”

“o_o whats that abt? to put at ur bunk ar?

“my platoon seargant la”

Given his character, I understand his reaction. Haha, then continued complaining about not being able to bring in mp3 players due to some youtube incident. Only allowed to bring in discman. I was suprised cos’ discmans are like so last era kinda gadgets and he had the cheek to say that I’m speaking about myself =_=. Continued complaining that one meal a day wasn’t enough anymore, cos’ the appetite increased.

sian.. i get hungry when i panic” — this is me, though

“ha for fk u panic. and what the hell are u? where got pple panic = hungry =.=”



sai is holy meh” — ignore this =_=

“i left 3.74 gb on my d drive”

wa congratulations

“must go burn le. download too much anime and porn le. haha sian.”

SEE u brainwashed le

“in =.=?”

anime n porn tsk tsk tsk

“lets face the facts. anime i dun know la, but if u’re male and u dun download porn, u have to visit the doctor. cos something very wrong with u.”

but u’re gay

“i’m bisexual =/”

wa best u’re half gay

“ok what. but female still comes first la”

*** — this is the part that amused me quite alot

“and when i mean by bisexual, it means just spending my life with him. no sexual actions and etc.”

a marriage is just like spending yr life with a friend. thats all

Sometimes, the beliefs and analogies poopoo lives by, really inspires me, if not amuse. Lets me see other perceptions to a certain situation.

And then he left for his prata, and hopefully enjoying his weekend before he goes in for another year this Sunday night.

It’s people like these who usually keep me going, telling me to take it easy.


Another person to note: M. Though, I was tired and everything, I managed to smile and laugh at the things he introduced me to during our little lunch date on Wed. Basically just some Korean variety shows. He’s one person who followed on my dream to pursue languages. Apparently, he really utilises any time he has on his hands to pursue that. I’m going to wait ’till I graduate. One thing, though, I guess I’m not the only one keen on been a linguist. It rubbed onto some people, especially when I kept taking language modules for a good 3 semesters. I’d like to think I was the source of influence =b Grant me some credit, will you? -beams-



meeting people

July 14, 2006

Okay, I don’t know what did it but my ailments are gone!

Time passes you by fast, doesn’t it? I’d thought it was only the beginning of July but now it’s already almost the middle of it. Talk about fast.

The past month had quite a number of birthdays; of some I remember, of some I couldn’t attend, of some I haven’t kept in contact with for aeons, and of some I celebrated.

This month, celebrated one too. Fx’s. Boy, I didn’t know my JC friends are so lucky to have such luxurious homes. The second one I’ve been to thus far. I actually cabbed all the way to the right end of the island just to attend it. Was already a tad very late for it since I had work and couldn’t get off earlier than intended. Had durian cake! The first I’ve ever tasted for a birthday. It was fun though kinda short-lived. Well, I never really talked to Fx during that one year of study but he was fun too. Bet he enjoyed being dunked in peanut sauce, haha.

I’ve had two steamboat outings this week. One on last Sunday and one just last Wednesday.

I made a reflection unconsciously just yesterday I think. I was rather quiet on Sunday’s compared to Wednesday’s. Perhaps, it’s really the company that makes up my personality. I really had nothing much to say on Sunday’s, just you know being polite and stuff since I haven’t been to that house before. For Wednesday’s, maybe it’s because his parents weren’t home and stuff and the people, though it was a rare meeting, were really comfortable being around. I kinda enjoyed it. It was really very different. I had better food on Sunday’s. Wednesday’s was our own doing but the food didn’t really matter.

Seniors’ commencements were on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Yes. I COULDN’T ATTEND TUESDAY’S! You just don’t know how frustatedly disappointed I was and still am. I mean, I couldn’t really ask to knock off earlier because it really depends on the crowd coming in and you just don’t know when the kids will come in. They just come in when it was convenient to. In the end, there weren’t many during the last hour of work. But, I was already too tired from work to cab all the way down to the left of the island. Still, I’m just so sad I couldn’t attend it =(

I made the effort to get up early for Wednesday’s. It was a funny experience to be there. You know, watching your friends graduate and stuff. It was kinda cool and it felt nice too. It’s like I feel happy for them. Then it occurred that I won’t be seeing them around campus as rarely or as often in the coming 2 semesters. Still, I wasn’t lamenting about it, more like being happy for them. Funny and lovable bunch of people =) They will be missed. If only I could’ve attended all the other commencements too. That’ll be so memorable for me, though I’m not the one graduating.

memo: To get the pictures from them.

After the adventure back in campus, left for home. Then went to meet up with S to help her carry the stuffs over to H’s place for the steamboat. Met up with F, L and T at the MRT station before we went over to the supermarket to get the ingredients. It was kinda fun shopping. Yeah, you know a couple of almost spoilt 20-ers shopping for a steamboat. Although, it was 4 girls and 1 guy, we still took a long time to do shopping. Can you imagine the type of girlfriends I know? Haha, okay S is not so bad cos’ she has to cook for herself. So it’s different. At least I know what to buy too.

Then we waited like kinda very long for H to appear and we smuggled ourselves into a free shuttle transport to his place, which ended up squeezy and I had to share a seat with another lady. Well, I’m small anyway.

Reached his place and met D. H’s place has no one at home.

HAVOC ar!” cried out L.

That was the ultimate quote that I won’t forget noting down. Haha, when H mentioned that his parents were out since they know we were coming. Hilarious. But yeah, what can we do to havoc anyway =_=

It was a long evening and ate up into the night to prepare our dinner-turned-supper. I think I talked too much. Maybe it was due to the lack of sleep. If I didn’t do something, I could have just fallen asleep then and there at the eating table. The Mum was very nice to be around with. Oh and she was very helpful and stuff. She actually remembered me being there the last time. Haha, I find her so memorable.

You’re very cute

Can you imagine? She said that to me. LoL! Oh, and she was saying how it was better that I was talking more than the last time we met. Maybe it was just because I was more comfortable being there this time around. Plus, if you’re too friendly the first time you meet, it’s like abit weird, isn’t it?

Maybe it was really me lacking sleep and trying to avoid a void of silence being there. I did enjoy myself. I don’t know about the rest, though. It was nice to see L and T, whom so rarely attend the outings that we have. 9 people and the Mum and later, the Dad. It was nice =)

There were many instances that’d be nice to note. But yeah, if I were to note them down, I think this post will go on forever. I think I’ll just leave it imprinted to memory.

If I were to get amnesia one day, I know I’ll miss out on a lot… Things that weren’t noted, written or photographed. Will there be anything that will remind me of them?



June 30, 2006

Simply because nothing comes to mind that fits to title this entry.

People say “You can’t lose what you never had.” No matter how I keep rewinding that sentence through my mind, I still feel as if I’ve lost something. I don’t know.

I didn’t lose my bearings before it. In fact, I just lost my patience because I felt as though I was driven to the wall of desperation. Not desperate to get it, but more like desperate to get the point across. So much was talked about and seemingly linked to what I’m trying to hint and yet it didn’t seem to get across. I just realised that there’s no difference to whether I did it personally or via other communicative media. The person was the same altogether and so was the person’s reactions.

I don’t know how to describe my own feelings after that. I didn’t lay out any expectations. To me, it didn’t really matter whether the reply was a neg or pos. Maybe I was just misled the whole time, when I was expecting a reply. It kept me hoping to a point where it didn’t matter what the actual reply turned out to be.

I know it’s peculiar. I didn’t really feel sad. I didn’t really feel heartbrokened. In fact, the initial feelings didn’t change, the feelings that started everything. Maybe I was a tad disappointed. But, the best part to it is that I wasn’t disappointed with myself or much that of the person. I was disappointed with how the situation turned out. I don’t know.

It was impromptu. It was in the heat of boiling desperation to be heard. I didn’t lose anything even when I received that sort of reply. I just stopped thinking. The thoughts stopped. It’s like the eraser just worked its magic without me thinking about it. The thoughts, though rewinding again and again, didn’t hurt me or anything. They just faded into oblivion until I fell asleep.

I might be in denial about myself but I can’t really tell. Usually only my dreams will tell the truth. Sadly, I can’t recall what was dreamt about last night. I only know that I find it strange that I’m not even intending to ignore the person. Everything just seems normal to me. Maybe it’s the way the person replied. It seemed so non-chalant. I’ve never come across such non-chalance before. It’s attracting me instead of repelling.

It’s weird but I just feel as if the person’s keeping something from me. It’s just an intuition but I usually trust my intuition. The thing is, how do you explain to someone that he/she is the one that you seek?

Especially when you can sense where the person is, just by walking towards the person without looking. When you dream so often about the person though you never keep in contact as much. When everything seems so normal when you’re together? How can you explain such things?

They can only be felt and experienced. If only that person could understand this bit. I think that person’s perspective is too practical. You can’t think so much about this subject. You have to feel it to believe it. Or maybe I’m contradicting myself… I don’t know.

I might be in denial about why I can be so neutral afterwards. The fact is, I actually came up with another piano composition, though short one. I usually do that only when I’m really emotionally affected.

But who knows? No one. Not even the person.