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February 28, 2007

Not that there’s nothing significant to note down about. In fact, there are just way too many significant moments to remember. Apparently, I kind of forgot that I have this space to maintain. Not an obligation to maintain, though.

The significance of things. Regardless of whether it was your eyebrow that raised, your shaky smile, your polished nails, your injured foot, your rare grin, your voice, your eyes or even what you wear, I’ll notice it.

May be insignificant to you. Yet, it makes a whole lot of sense to me. It tells me more about you. It helps me recognise you even when my eyesight ain’t 20/20. It lets me remember you. It gives meaning to whom, you would call me.

Little things like these, intrigues me. Especially, if you’re the quiet ones. A subtle change in your behaviour, increases my knowledge of you. A subtle action taken, even. Even a little thing like a pat on the head, a look at you (without saying anything), a nudge, etc. The more eye contact we have, the more comfortable I feel.

I mean, wouldn’t it be weird if you talked to someone, with more than half the time, not looking at the someone in the eye? I’ll feel out of place. Well, that excludes shy meetings.

That aside, words are significant to me too. Don’t use words that you don’t mean, with me. Don’t make promises, if you can’t keep them. Don’t claim that you understand me, when you clearly don’t. Oh, if it’s a joke, I’ll know it. Of course, it depends on who it is we’re talking about.

For the people who’ve paid notice, selfless concern, thank you. Thanks for the encouragement. K, thank you for being there. Even if it was just a coincidence that you were brought into the argument, you actually solved it. Thanks for understanding. It meant more to me than you would have thought. Thanks for the times that you asked after me. I really appreciate it ^^ M, thanks for being there to cheer me up. Really, thank you for pushing me on ^^ G, thanks for Monday. Honestly, I thought you weren’t going home and with your foot and all. I was already ready to take a cab, though it would have costed me a lot. Thank you, really, it meant a lot to me. J, thanks for giving me lab answers! Piglet, thanks for putting up with me, hah! I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing. But, thanks altogether.

Significance, nothing is ever too small to be significant. Not in my world.