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August 9, 2006

What are surprises?

Can be good. Can be bad. Then again, bad surprises = shocking news.


Pardon me for not posting. Been wanting to but.

  1. Lagnet is horrendous.
  2. He is equally horrendous.
  3. Surprises

Why 1? Last Saturday, it was supposedly the day that Lagnet people came over to our place to upgrade our internet service. Supposedly to get bigger, faster and better bandwidth in our home wireless network. A bunch of a total of four to five of them came over. To do what? Blame our phone line for not working properly. Set up the new settings of the network on our machines for us. They don’t even tell us what they added into our machines, much less the settings.

So if anything goes wrong, or no internet is detected, call them back to do it because they will get paid for it. Either that orYour laptops are not working properly. You may need to get them serviced.” Yes, they had the cheek to blame my laptop for not being able to detect the wireless system. They so claimed they added a file of some sort into the machine to be able to receive the wireless. Well, one second the wireless is gone, another it appears and another time it’s gone. So the file can do vanishing acts?

You think I’m an idiot? For damn goodness’ sakes, why can’t you admit that you are such a poor internet service provider? The whole bunch of you are just people who come over to do some pathetic settings. That’s what you get paid for? Expensive, eh. Furthermore, that’s your line of job. So, what makes you think that you know that IBM and Acer laptops need servicing?

AND you scratched my Sis’ laptop screen.

The nerve of it all. If anyone ever figures out who Lagnet is, please stay away from them. The Friday wee hours before that, they just cut off our broadband and our service became dial-up because all our laptops couldn’t receive a single wireless connection from our own router. Only the PC connected to the phone line could.

And it’s not the first time.

Customer service? We’ve called alright. Each time, they say it’s our machines’ faults. They are NEVER wrong. Never. They make us change our routers and modems. New or old, made no difference. Simply because it was them who cut off our service even though we pay every single month. Oh, they never admit it.


Why 2? He never listens. He actually agreed to pay them for this lousy service. He thinks everything he does is right. We’re wrong. What he does is good. We’re bad. Scratched screen. He insists my Sis did it. Can you believe that? He never blames outsiders. He blames us. I bet he never loved us.

Coming to 3. I am surprised at myself sometimes. There are times, when I just decide consciously that I won’t be doing this or, I plan to do something but will not get around to it. At least for that point of time. So, when I said I wanted to buy books from “K”rafers’ Paradise because I received an email saying they had them sold at 50% off, I didn’t know I’d actually do it. Yeah, sometimes I just really surprise myself. It was really almost impromptuous.

So I did just that on last Friday. It was kinda therapeutic =) I bought quite a lot, considering I only planned to buy scrapbooking mags / books from KCK. Bought stickers, though I still don’t know, when I’ll be utilising them, CDs because I caught the HMV flu, when Sis asked to drop by there, and some cute keychains. It really was therapeutic.

retail therapy!!! 040806

The bottom left shows how much I bought from KCK. Well, Mama chose to buy me the plastic case! Finally, one step closer to scrapbooking organising! ^^ Stickers and one book. I could have bought all the other mags too, but well I need to control my wallet too. Aiming to save 2k in my account! Bottom right shows how long the receipt was, including my Sis’ purchase, that is. Received a free scrapbooking class voucher! Yeay~ Oh, and I received another email from them regarding a Distress scrapbooking lesson. It’s regarding how to use the distress method to decorate your LO(s). Decided to go on Sunday 20 Aug, 2.30pm-5.30pm. Anyone else interested, please do visit their site at “K”rafers’ Paradise to contact them for bookings. You can either email or call them.

Bought Pink’s CDs just cos’ I couldn’t resist the temptation =x Oh, the top right hand one are small cute chains of the twin: black+white pigs called Monokuro Boo. They’re really cute! Do check on them 😉

And here’s the 3rd scrapbook mag to add to the collection:


Cool, huh? And it was at half-price! ^^ Very clear step-by-step ideas coupled with list of to-buy materials before you get started. There were some of them that were fresh ideas. That’s mainly the reason why I got the mag.

Then the fateful Saturday after was a long day. I surprised myself yet again, by asking F for company to the bookstores! Haha, just to find my long-seeked-for recommended text. Really think I’ll be needing it, what with my sheer stupidity in programming. It was a heartbreaking buy. S$99.95. For only one book. The most expensive book ever in my whole life. T_T Will show you the pics when I’ve got them sorted.

We had a long day out together. It was fun, though! Thanks, F! ^^ Oh, after that I had a birthday surprise to attend.

Can you believe it? My junior E, had a surprise birthday barbeque courtesy of her own mother. That’s like so cute! Her mother got around to contacting one of her closest friends and asked her to spread the word about the surprise. The unknowing E, was lost for words and actually yelled at her mother for the surprise. Simply because we caught her in her Tweety PJs. HAHA! I was mostly too tired from the adventure that day. So, I didn’t talk much.

Had a coughing racket when I tried so hard to sleep that night.

Note-to-self: To sell the 2 texts to G, when we meet again.

Lucky E. If only I could have a surprise like that. You know, friends surprising you… In a party of sorts or something, with all the people you’re always with or have always wanted to meet again. Sigh. And it’s all thanks to her mother. Lucky E.

It was just the surprise bit that really got to me. Oh, company was good. I owe G one for driving me home, yet again. G’s really nice to talk to. The rest seem as distant as always. Well, not near, not far. 

I kind of give up on close-people-relationships. I only keep up with those who do bother to do the same.

Worst surprise I’ve gotten thus far: I didn’t get the order I made from PaperGirlsShop. It was a long wait, since Wednesday. In the end, they gave me the piece that was recently put up. I wanted the older design. They said they had it. It so turns out that they gave me the reason that they mixed up the two designs.

One question: How can sellers be confused by the clothes that they themselves sell?

It’s utterly out of question. Of course, I’d prefer an exchange or a refund. They said they mixed it up and yet the piece that I wanted is no longer available. Nonsense. When it was decided that I wanted an exchange, they actually asked “Did you wear it already?” That was it man. They just wanted to get away with the phony reason they gave.

Why would I wear something I didn’t order? Pay for something I didn’t order? I’d better get what I order.

And they ask me to mail back the piece to them before they mail me another. Then what? I bear the postage fees? It’s their mistake, in the first place. And I’ve freaking paid the price for the damn piece that I’d ordered. Man…

They took so freaking long to answer my questions and suggestions. Now, it really brings me to doubt their sincerity in their online sale transactions. If this time around, I don’t get my exchange, I’m really going to just not buy from them. To think, I’d really liked the clothes they sell. Wanted to buy 3 at once. This is what I get, when I’m just trying out their service.