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happy burpday!!!

June 29, 2007

Happy burpday Sis! =p

Don’t really know what to give you. Cos’ you always buy what you want de -.- Anyways, happy getting older! Legal age for most minimal age limits! At least you look the part… May success and happiness and luck come by your way in every phase of your life!



tweeee manths

June 28, 2007

The Dear,

Love you to bits! No matter how annoyingly pretend-to-be-cute you are, or how we’re both with tight wallies, or how we have so little time to spend together, or how you’re a f _ _ _ – machine (see prev post), or how I have to run errands for you, or how you keep calling me Ah Gong Gong, or how you enjoy certain things, or whatever it is that you do as you are, I’ll take all of it! Muackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks!

Never expected you to give me anything. Haha, at least cos’ I know the situation. Even though that skinny wallie I gave was just for the fun of it, being able to magically slot notes, like how they demonstrated it. You still used it over your Gucci.

We still haven’t taken a piccie together! Rawr!

I love the bling bling! Hehe, no matter how much it’s worth. I’ll wear it always.

Oh, is it a sign of engagement? -giggles-

You know what? I think your parents like me more than they like you =p Haha, your Dad’s funny. Glad we had that small chat.

By the by, all I ask for is your warmth, your presence, your care, your concern, your understanding, your time, your love, your whatever, always. Sounds abit too much. Yikes! But you’re capable of it =p

Yours always,
Ah Gong Gong ❤



June 26, 2007

Hello world once again!


Getting by each and every day has been quite a ride for these past few months. So many things that I want and hope for and yet they can’t be attained in a whim. All talk and no action. Oh and yes after these long few months, there are some things that I happen to have and shall continue to keep.

Whatever it is, I am now a graduate! Will officially be one on the 6th July, 8:00pm. Even the ceremony itself had me debating whether or not to attend. Even though I have so-called graduated, I find myself lost.

I was lost for the past month or so. Figuring my direction and whether or not I’m making the right choice for a first move. You know, it is kind of bothersome when you think back on experience. There were times when you really consider and think through in thorough about something and yet the result did not turn out as thorough-ly great. There were times when you make decisions in haste and just jump the wagon and still the result did not turn out as great. Then you wonder what was it that when wrong. Was it just you or your luck? Or was it all destined to be that way.

There was a time when the laptop was cluttered with my incessant collections of information, pictures, new gadgets and the like. I wanted to spring-clean the contents of the laptop. Then WHAM! the laptop went kapoot. The RAM became obsolete and I had to get it replaced. Thus, the laptop has an awfully new memory. Brainwashed literally. Spring-cleaning, eh?

There was a time when I’d thought that it didn’t matter what job I got, as long as they paid me and I am able to survive. Moreover, it didn’t help when the Mum insists that you get a job ASAP. So WHAM! I just went ahead with whoever answered my application first. In the end, the Dear wasn’t very happy with the contract that I signed and seriously advised me to just quit on the spot or try stalling for one. The Mum agreed with the Dear, interestingly. And so WHAM! I became unemployed once again. So much for trying to get a job…

That brings to the other point. I don’t know what kind of job to look out for. Weird, ain’t it? I mean, people have goals to work towards and ambitions and the like. And me? What I did aimed for before, are all out of reach. It’s either the relevant qualifications or the expectations of the employer. And so, even though I have many different interests to look out for, none can accept me. And so WHAM! I just applied for whatever that will accept me. And one of them got me. Now, it’s really a new beginning again.

Why is it that I always end up doing what I don’t really wish to? It’s either the obligations that are proposed or simply due to the wrong route that I’ve been taking all these years. They never were what I seriously wanted. They were just new things that I can learn and adapt to. It happens in that every phase of my life, where I have to change environments. Surprisingly, I learn to survive in that every phase, no matter how pathetic I was through it all.

Interests. Interests. They’ve all gone into cobwebs. I never get to seriously pursue them as work. I wonder when will it be the day that I am able to. I want to do what I like and get paid for it!

Oh, and the special person that I met a few months back. It’s almost three months now. I never really was expecting anything. Even with all the faults and the misunderstandings and the troubles and the little time we have together and the differences, it was another WHAM! that I just agreed to.

The Dear, I love you regardless of whatever you were made of and whomever you were. I’m real glad to have met you and will continue to even if you’re a f _ _ _ – machine.

First correct entry for the mystery word above will win a prize!

Haha! To happy days ahead all!