August 15, 2008

Today marks the 2nd time I’ve punctured a hole to myself (not counting the one time I punctured myself with a stapler by accident…) !! So now I have 3 holes, other than the other holes that came along as an infant. Ha!!

The first time was on the 2nd April of 1999. Hmmm, if it wasn’t the 1st April… Well I don’t think my memory’s rusty…

Okay besides that, today marks the day I got a decent mobile phone too! I like the colour 😀 Plus I am solemnly giving up on Sam. Not that I have anything against it but it just cannot withstand my accident-proneness and utter clumsiness. As such, it lasted no more than 10 months since the last September, if I do not recall wrongly. And so, I’ve rebounded back on the very nice S.E. It’s not the most recent model, but I still love it! I would have stuck around with my old K750 but its already beaten up on the surface, although it still works fine.

So, the Mum and Sis insisted that I get a new one to replace the vulnerable Sam and stop using my warrior-S.E. And so my upcoming birthday pressie has already come today! It’s a pretty white K660i 😀 This one had better stand all the nasty weathers of my life, just like my K750! Happy.

Had explored today the new pâtisserie outlet at CLink. Sis loves it! I think they taste great too and it makes the price worth the taste. If you can afford it, you should go try it too. They have quite a variety of mouth watering flavours and they’re with the exact original taste that’s claimed.

Then there was plenty of walking around and also encounters with those foreign push-cart sellers. Can’t blame them for walking up to you to convince you to try-and-buy their products but the first was a tad too overwhelming for my Sis. Ha!! The second wasn’t so bad and not so persistent. Looked at toys, walked and walked, CDs, gadgets, dresses, mobile phones!

I think it’s so cool when you have so many lobangs or connections, that even when your shop’s sold out in that model/design, you can get it from others to sell to you. That’s exactly how I got mine. However, their phone pouches are like expired, cos’ mine apparently supposed to be seal clean and unopened, but stained when I finally open the packet =.= Like, duh. Shucks, guess I’ll just knit one for myself…

Then I decided to venture off to my favourite destination for a ball of dark brown yarn to crochet a pot! To complete my biggest darling so far!! Will update on it, if I ever have the time to…

And… I went to Daiso to get some cheap usables. Bumped into Mh! Ha!!! House-husband!!!!!!! Hahaha!

Ok I’m done.



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