Amigurumi! – Crash Course / Patterns

July 30, 2008

I tried my hand at one mini 5cm tall Amigurumi piece, the bottom wasn’t as desired as my other balls of yarn aren’t with me at the moment… And I still need to find eyes for them!!

Before they’re completed, I ain’t gonna post any pics yet. But here are the patterns I’ve found do-able for a Crochet-greenhorn like yours truly!


  • Grumpies ! –  I made one yesterday with a blue bottom but the blue yarn’s thinner than the top’s white. So it looks kinda funny. I’ll have to wait for my other balls of yarn to get a perfect one. But it’s a start!
  • Noggins – I wanna do this too! But don’t have other colours. Currently I only have a ball of white =.= The rest are in different textures…
    On a side note, their website is selling the eyes!! Those doe eyes! Thinking of getting some…
  • Elephant ! – Since I have a singular colour, I’m trying my hand at the Ele first! Teehee! Still trying to figure out the 8th row…
    On a side note, I love this crafter’s site! Many adorable & memorable patterns. An inspiration for me to start the craft!
  • Owlishly – Found out the site from littlegreen’s. I wonder when I can crochet like that!!

Found a Crash Course Site! Although I’ve had a rough idea of how to start last night, this helps to clarify. The steps are pretty clear and thorough. The site has free patterns too!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to make my own free pattern! Ha!

Guess I’ll add on once I’ve found more adorable stuff to admire 😀

Till then, happy crochet-ing!


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