7th day of the year; 1st movie

January 7, 2008

Drats I missed yesterday.

And the day before, just because I was in a huff typing out. I forgot to mention that I had choco-fondue-marshmellies at home on the night of the 4th. Mum said that fondue was created by Sis. Her cullinary classes are coming in handy. Hmm, makes me want to make chocolates too. Drools.

Sis grows bigger everytime I don’t see her. And Mum grows smarter with that game she plays so ever often. Cute isn’t it? My Mum plays online games you know! So that makes one more form of communication. Can’t get her on the phone, meet her in the game 😀

Sis dreads school somewhat. Haha, those were the days. I had my share too. But I think, mine was more of negligence. If I had paid more interest to what I was doing, I could have done way better. Then again, when I did pay more interest, I didn’t have enough intellect for the subject matter. Well, it’s long over.

Sis has big dreams. Who doesn’t? Without big dreams, we won’t have a goal to reach. Without goals, what is life for? Big dreams are to make life worth living somewhat.

But big dreams need big funding. Sigh. I’m now trying to not spend on anything but edible things. I saw nice stuff to buy. Nice price too. Problem is even when my pay is already in, I can’t bear to part with the money. It took so long to get back to that amount and its hard(ly)-earned.


Yesterday, he left at about noon to go meet his clients to collect documents. He’d said he’d be home pretty late. And I was planning to already go home since he won’t be around and I’d be bored. So I kinda played the game with Mum in it awhile. Lo and behold he asked me out for a show since he had time to waste while waiting for another client.

First movie for my 2008.

I am Legend.

Man, its a bummer. I really feel that my SGD10 wasn’t quite worth the show. Maybe just the popcorns and the barley. It’s like the whole set of the movie, in my humble opinion, just a re-cycle of the Resident Evil, just more in broad daylight.

Well, those who’ve watched R.E, most of it happens in the dark yeah? Like those dark alleys, dark skies, with those infected people hungering for flesh.

It’s all the same plot, hunting for a cure. Just that there’s only this one man supposedly left on Earth, stubbornly trying to find that cure even though he believes that no one else is alive. Probably because since he’s the only living human left, if he could cure someone out there, he’d have some company.

Just that all these started all because one very smart doctor had supposedly found a cure for cancer in year 2009. Haha! Cancer! For 10,009 people who got injected with a particular virus to cure that. Apparently it was a virus gone wrong, as usual. And virus is air-borne and contact-borne. Just that probably that few minority are immune, so is the one man left.

Near to the end of the show, his dog of so many years of company, his only companion for that 3 years since, got infected while protecting him. But doggy is not immune via contact-borne virus. And so he reluctantly let it go.

When he was just about to revenge for doggy and kill himself in the process, a light shone. Literally there was! He’s not the only one alive!

And so… The ending is crappy. I wouldn’t want to mention it. If you haven’t watched and want to know, ask me elsewhere!

And I’d thought that a major disaster happened to NY or something, that wiped out the entire clan of humans, save for him. But it looked peculiar since there were cars all stuck at the roads as if in a jam. Nothing is alive in the day, except for migrating animals. Not sure why animals don’t really look infected. Because if they were, they would have reacted to him already. In fact, they looked perfectly animal, unlike his lab rats.

We only saw the infected beings when he went to dark places. One thing is that these beings can’t be exposed to light. They’ll evaporate to death. Like vampires? Strange virus. Anyway, cleared the doubt about the major disaster, when he had his first flashback throughout the show.

Man, I want to watch Chipmunks =.=


Will have to collect my final remnants from office from my colleague later today. They will be moving this coming Friday.

And Sis told me there’s Kebab at TPY! Can’t believe they moved from Tp to TPY! How do they ever track my whereabouts haha!

I still have not gotten my Sis her X’mas present. The nerve! Trust my pay to be credited so late and I still haven’t mentioned it to him yet. He needs to share. Bleh.

That’s for now.



  1. BABE!!!! miss ya! I am legend was …… not as gd as I’d expected and all that I’ve read but I’d like to say that Will Smith’s acting in it rocks TOTALLY. He acted so much better than Milla Jovovich in R.E. and what’s more it was a one-man show which isn’t easy to star in. HAha… the doggie part was SO SAD. I cried like hell man.

    Anyways, hope you’re doing well with your hun and have finally gotten another job! >.<

  2. Someone so long never blog… confirm haven found job too de lor

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