tweeee manths

June 28, 2007

The Dear,

Love you to bits! No matter how annoyingly pretend-to-be-cute you are, or how we’re both with tight wallies, or how we have so little time to spend together, or how you’re a f _ _ _ – machine (see prev post), or how I have to run errands for you, or how you keep calling me Ah Gong Gong, or how you enjoy certain things, or whatever it is that you do as you are, I’ll take all of it! Muackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks!

Never expected you to give me anything. Haha, at least cos’ I know the situation. Even though that skinny wallie I gave was just for the fun of it, being able to magically slot notes, like how they demonstrated it. You still used it over your Gucci.

We still haven’t taken a piccie together! Rawr!

I love the bling bling! Hehe, no matter how much it’s worth. I’ll wear it always.

Oh, is it a sign of engagement? -giggles-

You know what? I think your parents like me more than they like you =p Haha, your Dad’s funny. Glad we had that small chat.

By the by, all I ask for is your warmth, your presence, your care, your concern, your understanding, your time, your love, your whatever, always. Sounds abit too much. Yikes! But you’re capable of it =p

Yours always,
Ah Gong Gong ❤


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