March 12, 2007

Sacrificed my weekend for a 9:00 – 18:00 job, helping out at the openhouse in school. Got paid like 10 bucks per hour. Good money, ain’t it?

Downside is that, I could have been at home slacking and doing some homework in between. I didn’t get to do any. At most was perhaps a few games when I reached home, or I just K.O.-ed or I’d have to discuss a tad few things regarding projects. Even then, it was brain-draining.

At school, I’m like a whole different person. When I reached home, I’d either turn melancholic, depressed or too tired out – mostly due to the same reason.

It is a big sacrifice, I must say. Given the fact that I have the regular number of weekly assignments due and projects to start doing. Surprisingly, they’re all pretty much lagging. Sigh.

All in all, it’s not impossible not to catch up. But I did have my share of fun while at work. I can tell you, I haven’t laughed that many a laughter eversince the semester started. I’m glad I met the people I did. 2 days, but it was memorable enough. It was like we knew one another for semesters!

Guess you can get all the fun you want, especially if you chuck aside thoughts of nagging responsibilities at bay and throw no airs. Of course, you have to pay with a dose of lethargy as well. It was a hell of a fun 2-days though we were suppose to sell our faculty. Haha!

I shall remember how they were mean to me too! I was called xiao gui a.k.a hantu kecil a.k.a small ghost / small kid just because. Rawr! And all the scandals they invented of me and a few guys… That was it man. I shall slaughter you guys when I see you in campus the next time! I’ll remember obsolete unc mike and the chindian accent and the laid back L-O-L guy. Of course, there’re so many other things to remember like our little factory that was set up and how we competed for re-productivity (quoting: cyn). Haha! Madness… and you’d think we’re computer nerds. You wouldn’t believe that sweeping statement if you heard our little and loud conversations. Man, I’ll miss these 2 days. Oh! Mr LMB is so cute! Haha, he’s so fun to tease! I couldn’t believe that he’s trendy enough to go shop around those lines of pushcarts in Bg Vill. He has this huge white watch bought from one of them! He actually teased me back a few times later, lol! And you have all these smart people having fun along with you, getting to know one another. Initially, I felt inferior to them but the feeling tapered off somehow.

Man, it was way too cool to forget.

If only such laughters were that easy to come by… Helps you forget what you’ve been trying so hard to.


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