presence; security

March 6, 2007

There are only two types of people.
Those who are “there” and those whom “never were”.
– me

Those who are never here or there.
– mf

I am of the 3rd type.
Who is “there” and suddenly “never were”.
And if you don’t get good results, it’ll be “never were”.
– k

Don’t you wonder? When you’re at your weakest, who’re actually there for you. When you’re at your strongest, who never got to witness it. Your silence, does it mean anything to a certain someone. Your anguish. Your fears. You feeling lost. Who actually cares to ask?

In the midst of a conversation, regardless of medium, will you leave it hanging? With the person on the other side waiting for your reply.

How much do you understand of one another, to be able to feel okay, even if there’s no regular communication?

What does it take for you to trust someone to be as honest as you?

Are there even honest people out there?

Will you ever feel at ease, knowing that not everyone is telling the naked truth? Everyone has a little something to hide. Everyone has a little something that they’d wish to keep to just themselves, no one else.

Will there ever be a time where everyone could be truely happy? Regardless of what happened, they’ll brush it off like dust and move on.

Who can tell?


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