M begs to differ ii

January 24, 2007

 After M found out about me quoting…

Moomoo is evil
It rhymes with devil
Laughing like a monster
Wait I’ll throw you into a dumpster

So here it goes:

Moomoo’s Daily Routine

Moomoo’s definitely not studying
While I am thinking of sleeping
As the day goes passing
Moomoo’s still slacking

Bit of bit the dawn is cracking
As Moomoo realised that its morning
Rushes to the toilet to begin her brushing
To prepare for a new day of slacking

The day ends with Moomoo slacking
Rushes home to begin Tv watching
Soon begins her eating
While thinking of dancing
But what happened to the studying?

After dancing
Moomoo decides to do some light sleeping
Light sleeping slowly turned in loud snoring
Which in turn woke up the kid napping
In her fid, kid takes her camera and began photo taking
Of what appears to be a pig snoring


Cute isn’t it? ^^

Okay, so I was wrong yeah? You can be a poet too! Lol!!!



  1. ARGH….. mooooooo mooooooo

  2. -grins-

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