January 21, 2007

While trying to grasp
What I couldn’t see
As the time lapsed
Along came insecurity

Awake I lay
I’ll punch the keys
First thing of the day
Greetings nitty-gritty

Little words said
Wrinkles to the eyes
Lying in wait
Fretting the goodbyes

There were times
I felt the same
Nostalgic rhymes
Of the old game

Yet the feeling differs
The ache unbearable
When thoughts confer
You become unforgettable

Peculiar how
I can see in dreams
You making a bow
Us in another realm 

Hardly believable
Seems like insanity
Butterflies, bubbles
Pride, a vanity

Differences may be
Without them
No one can be
Whom they claim

It takes two to tango
Dance to the lingo
Synchronised we go
Countering all woe
Should one hang low
Two balances the bow
Strengthens the dough
Of our little song, “oh”

No one’s perfect
Neither am I
Combining the intellect
We can surely fly

I don’t wanna try
Not calling it an attempt
I don’t wanna say goodbye
Not leaving in contempt

Let’s walk the trail
To the clouds
In that monorail
Screaming joys aloud



  1. ehem… in response to the i can’t write poems… here goes:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got spots
    so have you

  2. okie.. come to think of it… that poem sucks.. give me time to think of another one

  3. hahahahahha! lmao~

    u ar… xD i’ll quote what u typed to me ok? hahaha

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