January 19, 2007

Sometimes it really makes you wonder…

What if the person on the other side, isn’t what you think he/she is?
What if it’s all a fraud?
What if you’re just being played around with, just cos’ you trust people too easily…

I really wish it weren’t the case. I wish it isn’t all just a lie. I wish that I could at least trust in something across these bandwidths and that people are not all that sadistic. Sadistic to play around with those who put in plenty of trust into a people relationship.

Even though it’s across the bandwidths.

Is it all but a coincidence
Is it mistrust on my side
Is it just my ignorance
Or are you trying to hide

I don’t know your history
It isn’t really polite to ask
All seems a mystery
When all I can do is trust

Is it insecurity
Is it the imagination
Driven to insanity
Of pure infatuation

I don’t know

When there’s no reply
I’ll never know
When you don’t say goodbye
My eyes hang low

We can’t see each other
We can say anything
Climbing up the ladder
To an imaginary swing

I don’t know

Here I am hoping
I ain’t a fool
Sitting around moping
Over being a tool

Was I lied to
I’ll never know
It takes two
To keep it on go

I don’t know

Maybe messaging never does work, does it… Sigh

What am I actually?



  1. huh. dont so confuse larh. very cheem. things are actually very simple. dont complicate yourself.

  2. jeezz. trust ur own judgement and go with ur instinct. this ques will remain unanswered till u walk till the end. *hugs*

  3. sigh~ thanks =)

    it’s just that you tend to start wondering… when your doubts come in. so yeah haha can’t help it

  4. muacks

  5. giggles

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