an update

October 4, 2006

This will be a short one.

I almost never do with a short one. There’s so much that I’d want to say, or put to record ‘lest I forget. Not that I tend to forget, but which human will not err?

Suprisingly, in my favourite month of September, I’ve only managed to keep 3 posts. Think this will have to keep up, what with the tonnes of things that I’ve to do. Somehow, school’s fun but it comes with a price.


  • Wed – study 3241 
  • Thu – 3241 midterm
  • Fri – study 1302
  • Sat – 1302 midterm
  • Sat/Sun – do Lab Assignment 3
  • After that and while in the midst of free time, code 3214

So you see, with everything to worry about, I’ve practically nothing else to care about. What am I saying…

For now, I just have to keep supporting myself.



Coming to “4th year” that poopoo’s been in.
Coming to “oct 27” that 1302 essay is due.
Coming to “???” that 2216 project report is due.
Coming to “report week” that 3214 is heading towards.

Hope I’ll stay alive somehow…


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