dedicated to self

September 7, 2006

I’d wanted to really get a good Wednesday meeting and was even all prepped up for it, in the mind. Alas, it was not to be for some people just do not understand the meaning of the words disappointment, insulted, pissed off, especially when your idea wasn’t the least bit taken into consideration and the effort put in was thought of as miniscule and brushable like dust.

I’d want to recount the whole episode just to get it off. But, think I shan’t for if that’s how they want it to be, then they shall solve it themselves. I did my part. I repeat, I did my part. Should there be any discrepancy in the peer review or complaints, I am so going to kill him and wish that my birthday wish comes true.


That aside, thanks to all those who’ve cared and remembered. I really appreciate it all. You just don’t know how much. Not in any specific order nor level of appreciation. Purely thanks.

brown cow, piglet, human, silent killer“: Thanks for the brownies and ice cream =) Really thanks for remembering!

brother James“: Thanks. Thanks for just listening all that while. I don’t know why you do bother, but I really appreciate it. No one does really bother to, but you do =) It just feels hard not to talk to you, though. Really.

piglet“: Thanks, and no you’re not useless. I’m just as useless as you are, just in different areas. I only know bits of here and there and tried really damn hard to get there. Fact is, not everyone appreciates it. So yeah, you’re not alone.

twin“: So glad you’re getting better. I was wondering what I’d do if I can’t treat you to milo on Friday =b Oh, yeah, I’m suppose to dedicate an entry to all your clues. Haha, I shall keep it in mind to backpost, if I ever have a chance to, that is =/ Either way, I love you too 😉 Oh, now I’m getting worried about what to get you for yours =S See you on Friday!!! -teehee-

Su“: Yup, old friend. Cos’ now I’ve no common lessons and you so rarely come online, it’s like those days where I’ve lost touch again. It’s really hard for me to keep up with friendships. But I really appreciate it that we still remember each other. It keeps me remembering the days when we were still in that classroom together. Haha, thanks =)

L & E“: Thanks. Really thanks for just remembering. I really appreciate it =)

riff“: Haha, really thanks man. Didn’t think you’d remember 😉 Oh, I’m 16! And NO, YOU’RE NOT 12!!! Hahahaha I know I know “basket!” =b

fran“: You cheated. You didn’t remember it until I explained riff’s thickness. Haha, whatever it is, I had a nice conversation with you today =b

mooo“: Another someone I won’t forget, even though we seldom meet nor talk. Someone I’ve met online but we happened to be almost the similar kind. Haha, I still can’t forget the part about the Hello Kitty! Hahaha, by the by, though lame as you are, I really feel lucky knowing you and that we turned out the way we are now. Thanks =)

poopoo“: Thanks! And I really mean thanks =) for waking up just for the well wishes. I really am going to miss you, not that I talk to you often either. And now that you’ve switched to other games, I seldom get to listen to your stories nor tell you mine. But you’re there to listen, especially when you’ve to take the risk to listen. Haha, really am lucky knowing you too. You just don’t know how much I appreciate it. You’re another someone whom really understands and is also understandable. If we could meet, I’d be more than happy. Wishing that you’ll have a smooth-sailing green adventure. See you around on weekends 😉

Mama & Sis“: Thanks!! Thanks for getting me a bunch of things that I love. Love to have and love to have for doing stuff. Yup, SCRAPBOOKING RULES! If only I can have that time and freedom to utilise them all -sigh- The cake rocks! The cow rocks! The templates, thingamajigs, monokuro boo(s), wanroom vol. 1 and accessories rock! The toyogo rocks too! Haha, couldn’t have expected anything else =b


Yup, that’s all I have for now. I really appreciate it lots even though daylight has yet to arrive. I’d wanted to sleep in early to forget the earlier depressing and freakingly insulting episode, coupled with the fact that my day starts at 9am that lasts ’till 4pm, without a halt. But, these people kept me awake. I couldn’t get away simply because people like poopoo would have missed the chance to say it and wouldn’t be able to ’till 2 weeks after. Also, people like moo would have missed continuing his bedtime fairy tale to me. Also, I wouldn’t have ranted to fran the way I did. And, twin wouldn’t have scared me off with another of her surprise attack for me. And, I wouldn’t have received all those SMSes from bro J, 12-yr-old riff, and a whole lot of others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ^^


All that aside, sometimes you really wonder why your opinions / suggestions never get across. They were never even considered until perhaps a long while later, someone else brings it up and you take up on it like it didn’t matter. Either that or you claim it to be your idea.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, to me it really hurt a big deal. I wonder why people don’t feel it. Especially those who take on the idea to be theirs. They just love claiming what ain’t theirs.

For those who’ve finally considered the thought, good for you if you’ve realised the source of it. If only you realised it earlier, eh? Maybe things wouldn’t have ended up the way it did.

Like I always say to myself:
“If anything bothers you, just say it out. Be heard. It prevents misunderstandings. It clears doubts. It gets your opinions and emotions across. Like it or not, it’s better than regretting not having said it.”

Simply because I don’t say what I don’t mean. It’s better to say it than to type it.

Just my opinion, though. And I do mean, mine.



  1. with a teacher with you. of cuz. i would improve. =)

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaloooooooooooooooooooo

  3. hahahahahah u so zun say halo to me 10 days later :b

    got no time, no mood, no type..


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