August 24, 2006

Really… It gets fking irritating when the CD-ROM drive just won’t work properly. It all started with one CD, which I put in, and the pain coating started tearing away when it was in the CD-ROM drive. That happened like perhaps 6mths+ ago?

Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it doesn’t. Fking irritating.

And oh, if anyone’s wondering whether fking is a word. Well yeah, but I leave it to your imagination in defining the word. Afterall, anyone can have their own definition of it. Besides, it is just a word afterall. Man created them 😉

Oh, I’ve been fking busy these past two weeks. To think school has just started. Now, with this CD-ROM problem being a big problem. Let’s just hope I won’t have to use it anymore than I already need to. It’s getting fking really on my nerves.

Been having meetings after meetings for project. About the other project, there’s like no news of it. I really wonder if they’re even thinking about doing it. Then, I realised that the bulk of the group is made up of year 1s. OMG. Hopefully, I get through this one just fine. Or maybe, I’ll S/U it afterall. Sigh.

At this hour, I’m supposed to be sleeping because today starts at 9am for me. But the really good CD-ROM drive made me so mad, I had to use Sis’ lappy to do the burning and stuff. I wasted like 3 CDs as of just.

Project seems to be on good progress, but this is only the starting stage. Really hope it continues to be of the same rate. I’m growing to like them.

I really want to do well this semester. Just hope everything goes fine.

Finally I get my CDs cooked just right.

Oh, I just noticed before I started this entry that I get high readership when I’m on the down side. Weird.

People like to read negative stuff? Sadistic perhaps? Or concerned? I know there are those concerned. But, I find it weird that there are those extra readership coming in from I don’t know where.

An observation.

Anyway, to those dear, hope your lives ain’t as bad as mine.



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