freaking “morning”

August 22, 2006

Want to know what’s the worst morning you could ever get?

Is when you wake up, happily go bathe, get all dressed and seated for breakfast early. Then you remember that you have to get the reference of files from a CD archived somewhere in the room and you fking don’t know where it went.

You searched through all possible CDs and you still can’t fking find it. Then you tried to access the contents of the unlabelled CDs via your laptop and you can’t fking detect anything. Simply because the CD-ROM drive can’t fking get detected by the system. It’s totally fking invisible to the My Computer.

Then you get so fking frustrated trying to get the system to detect the fking drive because you know this isn’t the first that it’s happening. To your fking horror, it just won’t obey you. You realise that you can’t fking get the files you wanted and are already fking late for your project meeting at school if you don’t budge the next second.

Then you realise that you’d probably need some coins for a bottle of mineral water should the need for it arises. So you hurriedly stomped over to your room, reached over the dresser that’s always fking blocked by something on the floor, just because you’re the only one who uses the dresser. Then, already you are in a hurry and you fking tripped over that box and fking crashed into the coin tray and whatever that was to the left of you. So happens that you fking bumped your arm on the edge of the glass table that has metal edges. The edges are blunt but you literally scratched your arm at that corner and it fking hurt like OH.

But no one asked you crashed into what. No one asked why you were rubbing your arm. No one asked why were you so furious. No one asked why were you fuming. No one asked nothing.



  1. how bad can a day get.

  2. THAT bad… sigh

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