August 13, 2006

A stark realisation made.

Only today did I feel really quite the affected person.

There have been memories that I haven’t recorded about. Shall keep them in mind for the time being, since now is quite the odd hour to recall them all in detail. Then again, when do I ever type in a normal hour o_O

Surprised myself yet again by agreeing to go out with Mama and Sis. Initially, it was just to meet up with that online seller to make the exchange of the goods. In the end, when I’d finally reach the destination for the meet-up and on the dot, guess what happened?

“Hi, I’m there already. I’m wearing a beige jacket.”

“Hey sorry something crop up i cant meet you already. very sorry!”

“… Couldn’t you have told me earlier or smtg?”

“Sorry my family problem. i compensate you by giving you voucher can?”

Like hey, it’s not about the voucher. It’s not about compensating me. This is the 2ND DISAPPOINTMENT I’ve received. Yeah, you may have something on, but couldn’t you like inform me earlier? It’s not that I’m unforgiving. It’s just common courtesy.

I’ll readily say “It’s ok.”  if you’re my darling friend. But now, I’m a customer for goodness’ sakes. Had I not messaged the seller that I’ve arrived at the meeting point, I wouldn’t have even known about her not turning up. What kind of attitude is this?

I even forgave the person for not informing earlier about the meeting time. Initially I suggested to meet up at noon. She said that she could only confirm with me again the night before. In the end, lo and behold, she only asked me regarding the time at around 1+pm today.

Seriously, I don’t know whether to even continue doing transactions with these kind of people.

Later, we went to shop for tops at a little sale around the area. Then, we went all the way to the east to get dinner. Nice, but the trips there and back were really butt-draining.

Pictures to be put up.

Talking about realisation, I’ve realised that the semester’s starting in a day’s time. And I

  • haven’t even done anything to Project ROOM
  • haven’t read up the text and complete all the exercises
  • haven’t decided when to work
  • have to get myself cracking regarding the project
  • have plenty of readings for another module
  • have to learn how to code in C++ and OpenGL
  • haven’t gotten MY space yet

Plenty of things were said but left unaccomplished. Feels so degrading. I even had a plan thought up about what to give **** as a birthday present. Still, I haven’t gotten around penning it down. I’ve got all the designs and ideas in my head, but materials neither bought nor sorted. Plenty of things are still in the mess. How am I suppose to start a new semester at this stage?


  1. Get my school stuff sorted
  2. Get my clothes sorted (Well… at least those that’re in my wardrobe…)
  3. Get my hobby-thingeys sorted (Only those that’re in my cupboard…)
  4. Make space
  5. Start coding and reading
  6. Pen that idea down when I have the time
  7. Get my notebook proper (Decided one to use for now…)
  8. Bags are to be washed (Only one for now…)

Updated: 14 Aug ’06 Monday 01:03 hrs

Didn’t actually wake up in the morning. But, oh well. At least I got some things done and I’ve finally received the exchanged piece! ^^



  1. haha. u damn funny leh.


    lol. heee

    i think for the online shop, u can forget abt it alrdy. such poor business ethics. but, of course, if u get the voucher, use it. haha. dont waste.

    but, if they send it to you, just shrug off the matter. haha

  2. really mah =/ my life at home is quite the mess… then everytime i want do something, then i see my room, also sian nia…

    LOL they finally exchanged the top BUT she didn’t bring the voucher. then say if i purchase from them again, i get 30% off. still considering man!

    sad to say… i didn’t do much today. SOBS! T_T

  3. exchanged the top? means u got what u ordered?

    i think u can forget abt the 30%. such a bad shopping experience.

  4. lols… the top i wanted no more le =/ so i chose an alternative. yups at least i got the alternative.

    hahahahahaha see my mood~

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