June 17, 2006

Heyyyyyy, whoever's reading that is, hey!

Okay, it's not as if life's that great okay. I have a freaking back ache, thanks to a game of badminton of like 1hr 45min, with only a single partner, on a late Thursday afternoon. The best part was when it was only 20min into the session, when both S and I felt like we're goners; perspiring all over and panting like never before. Guess what Twin said?

"You're old already, don't be so havoc… Take care of those old bones, don't crack 'em…"

Can you believe it? I'm growing old! T_T

Oh, I have an extra 2 days off of work, thanks to the permanent staff going on a staff retreat. So there goes my Wednesday 'till this Sunday. I mean it's great to have a long off, but it's not quite at the right timing. Gah, not as if I have any great plans to start with. Blah.

Thursday and Friday have been spent with S, badminton, talks, eats and hairdos. I got a new haircut. Well, not that new. For once, I thought about keeping this fringe, since it looked kinda nice in one of the mags. The haircut didn't turn out like I'd wish for, but oh well, doesn't matter anyway. At least I have lesser hair for now. It gets hot time to time, ya know. If only I could have those indie dyed locks. Sigh.

Oh, thanks to Mama's call, I missed the bus-stop and had to walk a bus-stop's distance back to Andy's salon. Blah. I could only feel the intuition that I missed the bus-stop. Can you believe it? I mean, I couldn't see because I didn't have my contacts on. But the feeling was there, when the bus just drove past the intended stop.

To-date, I've bought McD's on my way home from work, for Sis, thrice. First time, I was pissed with the people because my order came in FILO: First In Last Out. What kind of queue is that?

Since my last entry, I've had a couple of very interesting dreams.

I was in a very huge place. Seems like some kinda house, but I don't know why I recall having seen numbers on the doors, like that of hotel rooms. Yet, they couldn't be hotel rooms, because the rooms were all different; different interior designs, each seem to hold an identity of its own. Yet, I thought there was one instance when our family was there. Each person to a room. I kind of like the room I was in. I like all the rooms as they were arranged accordingly, systematically, very organised. I thought I saw make-up in one. And in another I thought I saw some very pretty ornaments. I can't recall what, though. Then there was another instance, where I think we were supposed to hide or something. We were still venturing around the same area. I could actually get lost around the place, not knowing which room was which. The rooms could seemingly change. Yet, some of the rooms seem peculiarly familiar, like I've been in them before. But, all the rooms were in violet shade, violet interior. Everything seemed violet. Then I think at the back of my mind, I was thinking karaoke. But why karaoke? I don't know. I seem to be wanting to know more of every room that was there. The place was huge…

We were in our previous house. The white marble floor, the grey gate. The gate was locked. Mama, Sis and I were inside the house. He was on the other side of that gate. He was trying to get in. He screamed and yelled to get in. But we wouldn't let him. I saw fear in our eyes, our faces. The shock, yet the determination not to let him in. He seemed like a crazy man. We just tried to hold the gate steady. Then there were people crowding around on that same side of the gate, asking people to call 999. They were trying to get him away. I don't know if we know those people, but I do know the one person who said "Call 999" was a guy. I don't know why the scene changed and he was there with us. He seemed dangerous. When he got hold of Sis, he pinched her nose. I don't know why that would seem dangerous. But his voice was, his demeanor, his emotions. They were all signs of danger… I don't at the least like him. He freaked me out.

There's a scene where I'm a teacher. There were male students. It seemed so Japanese-like. Then there was a guy running into the woods or something, and I ran after him… Japanese teacher-student drama?

We're in Sis' room. There's a baby doll atop the study desk of hers. It was life-like. It could blink its eyes like as if it were a human baby. It could talk too. It jumped down from the desk to the floor. It talked, I couldn't remember what. Then there was another similar doll which did the same, but that one could be minimised to the size of a CD. I don't know why, but there was something sinister-like with one of the dolls. It gave me a weird feeling. It didn't really surprise me that the doll could talk. But I knew that my Sis would be freaked out.

I was atop a stack of cubes. I don't know how big I am, but at least I think I'm me. I'm supposed to get to something. I don't know why a moment later, I'm supposed to be out because everyone else left. But there I was trying to find my shoes? Or was it my rollerblades… I couldn't find them anywhere…

It's either I have a very wild imagination in my subconscious, I have some life that I am unaware of, dreams like what people define them as, or I'm predicting something or depicting some part of my life.

I wonder what's bothering me that causes me to be in denial about.

Oh yes, a kid stole my eraser.

He went for a trip to Thailand for four days.

I wasn't bothered to go online.

So there's the update, if any.


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