DEAR twin

June 17, 2006

I remember the day that we went to PH and I said "Anything" just because I'd always prefer to accomodate the person I'm with. And you mentioned how lucky the guy who becomes my other half would be, since I'd say "Anything" to anything he'd ask.

Guess what? I've met my worst nightmare, the ultimate match…

"If no XMen, then you still wanna watch mah?"

"Still got what? I anything… You choose lah.."

"Got Silent Hill, Garfield, Omen…"

"I anything"

"Where to watch?"

"Anywhere oso can"

"PS Cinema?"


"What time to watch? You wake up what time?"

"You want what time I wake up what time la"

"Before or after lunch?"


"Do you eat lunch? Don't say anything"

"I am ok" — =___________________=

"That equals to anything…"


"Now I know how my friends feel whenever they ask me for suggestions and I say "Anything""

"You know liao ar.. Not bad. Jia you!"

"Are you sure you have no preference? Don't complain later hor"

"Confirm will"


Hug vitamins come from only the two of us okay? Heeex =)

Oh, I wonder why I can't be the Anything-person always… Why do I have to decide everything this time around…

-runs to the wall-

I only like this part…

"Do you eat popcorn?"


"Sweet or salty?"





  1. ahhh see see. wat did i tell u? it can be irritating if ppl keep saying “anything”

    yep. hug vitamins only for 2 of us.

    dont include red. he, bloody hell, dare to ask for 1 mth leave from me to watch world cup.


  2. well… i didn’t realise it’s THAT irritating. hahahahahahah

    hug vitamins can be for everyone, but come from only the 2 of us =b wells, for copyright purposes. hahahaha, yea i can be selfish to a certain extent =X

    1 mth leave from you… tell him wwc is only at night ley, unless of course both of you always frequent night life… xD


  3. nope we dont frequent nightlife. but becuz both of us are working in the day. so the time we can go out is at -night-.

    maybe i should start nagging at him. then let him know how irritating women can be. haha

  4. hahaha

    “feel the wrath of a woman scorned”

    xD well, at least go for a movie or smtg once in a while, or do supper, or watch soccer with him once. then maybe, he’ll compromise too 😉 hehe

  5. if environment permits. i may just watch the finals with him. =) haha

  6. oOoOoOo have fun!!!

    heeeeeeex =b

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