June 13, 2006

Is it ever possible that people communicate in their dreams?

I'm actually wondering if it is really possible.

Last night…
Was still unsure of whether to go watch a movie so early in the day… Didn't know if there were such schedules in the cinema. Then he said "Hey, wake up already! There's a show at 9am! If we don't go now, we're going to miss it…" I was surprised really "Are you sure? What show is it?" And so he said "…." (I swear I actually read the title of the movie out, but I can't recall it… argh..) I was somehow stuck in that zone of reading out the title of the movie, or even looking at it. Then it changed scenes. I don't know if I did watch the movie or not, but it felt as if I told him we'll go another day. Then I was in this house. The floor was marble white, walls were white-washed. Clean looking house, white, wide. I walked across the hall, then to the balcony, if that was what it was. The weather looked fine. There's a pinewood cupboard, with glass-paned doors, looks seemingly like the one I have in my room. It was to the left of me. I think I was talking to either my Sis or Mama, I can't recall. I only know the person was a real familiar. Then there was this storm. Previously, I thought I had windows at the balcony. Maybe I saw wrong. They were actually doors. Like as if, we were in a bungalow, and that was the backyard area or something. I can't really visualise where the house was situated. I tried hard to close those doors because the storm got really strong… The next thing I ever vaguely remember is that there's a coin…

I don't even know whether I recalled them all correctly. It's a vague recollection after a day at work. So it might be tainted with faults of forgetfulness. I don't know why the storm was there…

What was that about?


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