June 8, 2006

"Mummy, why is the sea water salty?"

Kumon TV ad

Twin said: "Sea water contains sodium chloride"

HK said: "Got salt inside"

Abang said: "Tastes nicer that way. Drink more"

Well, actually it's just picked up from the ad on the black box made by Kumon. My friend S introduced me to the job because they were short-handed. Went to meet their Principal on Monday and am currently working there since.

Job: Part-Time Teacher Assistant

Hours: 4pm – 9pm++

Days: Weekdays|Wednesday

Pay: S$5/hr

So far, after two days of working, I'm getting quite the hang of it. I do make mistakes here and there though. But hey, I need time to learn. In two days, I did learn quite a lot. Oh, I just love the cute kids there =) They're so adorable! Especially the silent smart ones. They're a joy to have while marking their work!

Now I understand how teachers feel when:

  • the same mistakes are being made again and again

  • wrong concepts learnt lead to mountains of mistakes

  • marking is a breeze

  • they don't stop talking, when they're supposed to focus on their work

  • they make mistakes and realise them

  • they realise your mistakes

  • they do everything by themselves

  • they ask for your help

  • they're naughty

  • they're quiet

  • they're too quiet

  • they're…

Guess more's to be learnt. I think it'll be quite the experience. They're an entertaining bunch, especially when they talk to you on their own accord. I was having quite a challenge coping on the first day and really trying to manage without getting myself tangled into a mess. Multi-tasking is really a chore. Really exercises your concentration, memory and organisation of train of thoughts.

On my first day I had quite a few asking me, the daring observant ones:

"Teacher, are you new?"

"Why are you here? Is it to help Teacher S?"

"What's your name?"


At the end of the challenging first day, one of the few talkative ones asked:

"So how's your first day?"


Would you ever expect these questions out of them? I mean, yeah they're smart kids and of the age 5 – 12 perhaps, for most of them. But, to expect these questions, it's just heartwarming. They're curious, but for good reason 🙂 Feels nice.

It's also really interesting to hear their stories, when they choose to tell you their troubles, little experiences and events.

Kids. They can be devils or angels. Haha, looking forward to meeting them again later this afternoon.


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