x-men iii

June 7, 2006

Backposted: 08 June 2006 01:32 

I was like right on time for the show though I initially had plenty of time to prepare. Well, procrastinators are avid latecomers. At least for me, it's especially true.

Woke up at 10am, went back under the covers and woke up at 1pm.

Ate spaghetti with tomato-seedless-sauce! Ooo thanks Mama! MUACKS! Then hanged around the Clavinova, trying to recall the compositions that I could ever play. Got frustrated because my right pinkie isn't co-operating very well today. Beats me why. Maybe it's due to lack of practice.

Took the cup of bubble milk tea that Mama bought for me and dashed off when I finally did, to the cinema. On the way, I poked the straw at my bottom gum, bit my right cheek, and ouched the whole way to the bus-stop. Talk about luck.

Back to the show…

Once Mc and I left the cinema, I was feeling quite mixed-up.

  1. Cool calm start
  2. I see Angel's childhood and boy was it painful
  3. Jean's alive
  4. Scott died just by Jean's super kiss
  5. Jean had a super kiss with Logan and he almost died, though I knew he couldn't
  6. Prof X shredded into unseen pieces of nothingness
  7. Magneto actually said nice things about Prof X, and it quite baffled me as to what exactly is his relationship with Prof X
  8. Jean's cuckoo because of her once repressed power unknown to her being released; split personality alert
  9. Angel only really flew like thrice and spoke perhaps 3 lines in his grown up version
  10. Many mutants were sacrificed
  11. Mystique turned human and Magneto just abandoned her although she saved him. That ingrate!
  12. Magneto turned human too. Retribution.
  13. Logan killed Jean to save her. Why couldn't he use the cure?!? OMG
  14. Rogue turned human just to be able to touch Iceman. Isn't Rogue supposed to be with Gambit?!? Where's Gambit?!!!
  15. Magneto isn't able to play chess on his own anymore. I actually felt sad for him.
  16. The cure is ironically a mutant himself.

Many deaths. So few X-Men were actually participating as X-Men. Like what happened to the rest? I mean, don't they have other X-Men? It's really sad that they portrayed the story like that. The tragic end of the main characters are like so unneeded of. I don't know. I just felt quite let down that they didn't add in more characters as X-Men. Instead, they had more in the Brotherhood, whom died in the process.

What a weird end. I came out baffled. Mc was feeling the same way. He was feeling more impressed about seeing Kitty's ability though. Don't think he knows about the new generation X. Lol, it's in the cartoons, new generation X has Kitty in it.

Actually, my very most favourite character since I was a kid was and still is Gambit! He's so way cool to be able to shoot out cards. Sigh. He's like the dark horse. I wonder why no one remembers him, until of course they watch the romance between Rouge and Iceman…

Nice effects and actions, but characters seem downplayed. There's not much content to the script. Substantial content that says "This is X-Men".

Oh well, 7 bucks spent willingly but not quite satisfyingly.

Then we went wandering around like aimless souls. Lol.

Feeling a little empty today. Can't pinpoint it.


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