project ROOM

June 5, 2006

My room, is where the project's concerned. It doesn't require any new furniture or anything the likes of it. It requires order.

Current State:

  • Paper drawer on my desk is filled with cute collections/gifts, unused papers, old receipts, lappy CDs, blank notebooks/foldscaps, etc.
  • CDs can be found in the above drawer, in my cupboard's drawer and on the racks of my desk.
  • Arts stuff are in 1 section of my cupboard, inside a cardboard box in the room, inside another box under my bed.
  • Photos and decorative elements are in 1 section of my cupboard.
  • Magazines are in 1 section of my cupboard, but I never seem to read them.
  • Soft toys keep collecting in 1 section of my cupboard.
  • Candle collection in 1 section of my cupboard.
  • More cute stuff, trophies, glass bottled gifts are in the red basket under my window.
  • Stationery's 1 section of the cupboard (seldom utilised), in a cookie tin on a rack of my desk, in a metal case on my desk, in a wooden case on my sort-of-dressing-table.
  • My letter holder seem to hold letters, but in an unorderly manner.
  • Everything seems dusty.
  • The plastic drawers beside the door contains old memories, old books, snacks (seldom open it). In fact, I open my Sis' more often than I do mine.

So, when I set my mind on doing something related to my hobbies, I get all geared up to get all the related materials. In the process of doing so, I dive into every space where the things are possibly kept and end up messing them up. Oftentimes, I lose the enthusiasm altogether. Other times, I just keep hunting for them, especially if it's something to do with a gift I'm preparing for a friend at the eleventh hour, until I run out of time.

That's the life of a person who collects so many things, with this thought in mind "I'll be able to use it one day… For a gift… a drawing… a sculpture… a page… a card…" and the mind wanders. To stop it from wandering, I keep whatever that made my mind wander off. As a result, I have so many things until I have no space for more. They're all over the place, kept in proper cases, but I never seem to open them enough.


  1. Put all Artsy Stuff together. Possibly put all the materials in one case, one with many segments, big enough to put everything; pencils, chalks, sketching pads, glass paint, cross stitch kits, threads, shells, beads, etc.
  2. Put all Scrapbooking Stuff in one place. To separate them from Artsy, so that I'll have enough materials to work with and easy to find. To put all the materials in one case, one with many segments; pens, beads, charms, ribbons, future collections. To put all the flat stuff in one file, with segments; acid-free main papers, acid-free stickers, maple papers, templates, future additions.
  3. Put all Gift Stuff in one place. Mainly cards, bookmarks, wrapping materials, glass bottles, etc.
  4. Organise photographs in order of events. Gather all acid-free photosticker frames in one file. Add themes to the photographs to help for scrapbooking. Can be kept in the current section it is in.
  5. Organise photographs in order of events, in my lappy hard drive. Make a copy. To be able to keep track of those that I have in soft-copy. Easy for journalling. If possible, to keep an online album.
  6. Keep cute stuff in an enclosed area, where dust will never touch them. Make room in my cupboard or find a suitable collector's case for them. Applies to tiny toys like Wanroom, little keychains, little gifts, etc.
  7. Make a record of all the gifts I've ever received and the wrappers that contained them, to be incorporated into a little scrapbook of the gifts. –Theme: Gifts of Mine
  8. Files containing important documents to be re-filed appropriately.
  9. Utilise the big candle holder that I bought during one of my Robinson's stint.
  10. Stationery to be contained in one area so that it's not everywhere.
  11. Use the paper drawer for more important things.
  12. Re-organise the plastic drawers beside the door.
  13. Get the cases for the above purposes.
  14. TBA when the need arises.

Duration of Project:

Starts: 05 June 2006

Ends: Before SEM 1 2006/2007


Last updated: 05 June 2006 | 02:12 hrs


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