major rambling update

June 4, 2006

This is done in the case that I forget to even backpost what I've kept in mind to. If I don't type something, this conscience of mine will bug me "If you don't type, you'll forget. Type all this "…". If not, you'll never remember by the time you get to it. Better start typing…" and so it goes and keeps bugging me.

As a result, I had a sleepless night last night. Maybe I'm turning nocturnal for good, which explains my insomnia at night.

Dates I've been out:

  • 23 May 2006 – Movie "Over the Hedge" with Twin. Had dinner date at Pizza Hut at PS, where I first discovered that "1+1=1". I'll post up a picture to prove it… Then we went for our movie date. It was super hilarious! We had a great time 🙂 Then, we went ice cream date at Ben & Jerry's, all at the new mall, where the new Cathay is situated. Loved the date ❤
  • 26 May 2006 – Went out shopping with Mama and Sis at Orchard to get presents and stuff; Kino, Art Friend. Got home by bus, after finally discovering the bus stop behind the shopping mall.
  • 27 May 2006 – Gathering to celebrate M's birthday. After countless restless ideas, we ended up eating dinner at Pizza Hut and had 9 people altogether. Lots of crap, spicy drumlets, unexpected reactions, food, cake and coolness. I spotted the Wanroom Vol. 3 Gachapon machine! Got 3 separate furnitures! 🙂 Presents were all cool. Mama, Sis and I had a cool time deciding and decorating the presents. Anyway, I was out very late that day. Was supposed to meet up with them at City Hall at 4pm. I ended up being there at about an hour later. I had the most strangely coincidental encounter with SK in the MRT on the way there. The train was very crowded and I happened to notice that the guy in front of me had a scar on his left arm. I was wondering whether many people have such scar or flawless skin on their arms, those kind of mindless wonders. I happened to look around and looked up and the guy was wearing a cap. Then he sort of turned to his right and I caught a glimpse of the shape of his face. Then it just struck me that he is familiar. I took time to feel that instinct and decided that I was right. But, he was out of reach, so I waited till the next stop and he stepped back, ended up to my left. I poked his shoulder… That was the moment that I didn't want to forget noting down: coincidence.
  • 31 May 2006 – Went downstairs a bit to meet Gg to write a birthday message for a friend. He actually drove around to get everyone write messages into the same card… I mean like, WOW. I really give him my admiration. Because he called me, I had to wake up earlier than usual: 3pm. Cue in: -rolls eyes-
  • 2 June 2006 – Sis insisted that I wake up and got Mama drag me out of bed to have lunch together at Ctrl. We had KFC. Cool, but the appetite wasn't really there. My appetite starts in the wee hours. Haha! There was also this gross incident. Went walking around and stuff. Wanted to get the tops that we spotted in S&K back at Orchard the other day, but they've no more S in the TPY branch. Ended up getting cookies and went straight home. Why so early? Channel 8's 7pm show's ending today!!! It's the last episode to the serial! Nice show =) Good acting, nice make-up, nice plot. Was really interesting to watch.
  • 3 June 2006 – PC Show at Suntec with Mama and Sis! It was HUMAN TRAFFIC all over the exhibition hall. Didn't find anything nice enough buy. Well, even if there was anything nice, we didn't find it affordable enough. Haha, besides, it wasn't good enough. Okay, Sis bought the thumby she needed. Let's hope it's a reliable one this time around. Even M said it's cheap. Poor M, he had no customers in his shop over at Sim Lim =b because the whole of Sg was hoarding the PC Show. You wouldn't believe it's the whole of Sg until like me, you see 1 familiar face after another. I saw one of the promoters, a senior from sec school and another familiar face from the same place. When we were done exploring, we headed over to the Book Fair. All in all, I spent like 60 bucks on another Scrapbooking book because I couldn't resist its allures and a few materials that I found affordable. I'll be getting a free membership card too! How cool is that? Oh, by the by, they said I was eligible for a complimentary scrapbooking beginner's workshop, but I just found out that today, Sunday, is the last day of that workshop thingey and I'm suppose to book a slot 2 days in advance for it. Like, huh? And I can't call their shop on Sundays. Like, huh, huh? Forget it I guess. I can do with the books 😀 Happy happy! Oh, Sis and me shared to buy the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons illustration books! They were on offer: 29.90 each! Cool! The illustrations are so beautiful. And we then, lug everything all the way over to Marina Sq to do late lunch since Sis was famished. Food was too much, okay, but yeah just ate not to waste the food. It was freaking cold in the mall! So we walked over to Mini Toons and browsed plenty cute stuff. Then… We came across this hobby shop just beside Mini Toons. Found the Wanroom Vol.3 Set!!! Bought it for 20 bucks. Kinda costly but at least it was the offer price. Usual was 24, and 24's like really not worth it =b Going to look for the first 2 volumes… Ultra cool! Oh, then we went over to S&K to discover that size S is like totally out for the pieces that I saw the other day. So I went to try M just so that I could get the colour that I wanted. And they fit! In then end bought 2 light yellow tops and 2 spaghets. Maybe I'll try find in the other branches whether they still have the pink one, if I ever step out of the house again, that is… They're on sale, sooo I ended up spending lesser than expected. Spent a total of about 47 bucks. Today I'm so broke! T_T But I'm happy! Feeling a bit weird though…

I think it's the lethargy you get when you don't go out so often. Then when you finally do, you just do too much in one day and you get tired easily. Anyway, after all the shopping we decided to leave for home since Sis was saying that she's feverish. Think it's the too-cold-air-conditioning from the mall. We took the underground route via the CityLink and… HUMAN TRAFFIC. My gawd! I'll post up pictures another time. Plenty of things to explain via pictures. We met a guy on stilts handing out pamphlets along the route!!! I envy him for the fact that he doesn't have to squeeze through the crowd like squeezing toothpaste out of its tube. He's cute 😀 We ended up cabbing home! I fell asleep too. So that explains how much sleep I lacked.

For the record, I'm still working on the website that supposedly I'll move to. It's still under construction since I still don't have any inspirations or the know-how to create the layout for it. Still trying to get to it. Been juggling that with my mapling =X

For the record, my mapling is behind schedule because I can't get to level 70 by today. It saddens me that my goal is not reached =( 2 x Exp has expired too… =(( Don't know if I should get another one. Just don't think I have the time right now. I really feel like working on the serious stuff…

Last Friday, S contacted me regarding a job vacancy. It turns out that the place where she's working at, now needs people and so, yeah. Will be going there tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll get the job. She says it as if I'll get it. We'll see how, because I have unsure instinct kinda feeling.

About dreams, I haven't been able to recall clearly after I've forgotten to write them down. The most shocking thing is that, there was one night where I slept and kept waking up, or so I thought. Then, at one point of time, there was this series of dreams that I didn't want to forget, and I woke up to groggily scribble them down on my purple notebook, even choosing the slim ballpoint pen I had to write with. After scribbling enough content, I went back to sleep. When I finally did wake up, I was feeling rather glad because I was thinking "I woke up and wrote it down, so I'll have no problem journalling about it later…" I stretched, walked up to my desk and discovered that my purple notebook wasn't anywhere in sight. No purple paper either. It was actually still in my pouch or somewhere other than the desk. I couldn't believe it. I vividly recalled waking up to write it all down, and there was not an evidence of it but my memory.

Now this was what scared me. Are dreams just telling of what you're afraid of? Your insecurities? Your current status in life? Your current emotional struggle? Dreams are actually tell-tale signs of what you have in your current life, yet they visualise them to you in the most strangest scenarios. They exaggerate the scenarios.

Yet, other times, there are dreams of happy thoughts. Happy scenes. There was one dream, I dreamt that Mama, Sis and I were in this really huge hotel suite. It turns out to be the President's suite. It was that huge and yet there were these other people sharing it. It so happens that the people seem familiar, but I couldn't really see who they were. But the feeling that I had in that dream was that, "hey we've been here before…" It's like I entered that room before, I just don't know when.

There were other dreams I had in my childhood, where I kept going back to that same place. Always dreaming about the same place, and having the same things done. There was this certain void deck, where I ran to and we played. It was vague. Then one day, our family passed by this apartment block and when we walked past the void deck, I had this de ja vu stream through me "I've been here before", when in reality, it was the first time I was brought there. Strange, isn't it?

Then maybe, those dreams that I always have of a certain person, is just because I want to meet the person or be with the person? Maybe, it's just telling of an inner desire, which in the awake mode, I'm in doubt about.

I've heard from others that should you dream about a certain person, it's because the person's dreaming about you too. I've always wanted to believe that, but I just don't know anymore.

Now, those dreams that I have of the people I've always wanted to meet, just never occur anymore. Is it because my thinking has changed or the feelings have died? Weird.

If only dreams could tell the definite future, and that I can be sure that the dreams will come true. Of course, nice ones.

You'll realise that when you procrastinate, you tend to pile up everything… It shows in this entry… It shows the amount of memory that I keep…



  1. Dreams are totally inexplicable. Thanks for this interesting post.

    Blessings, and sweet ones.


  2. I agree =)

    Sweet dreams to you always 😉

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