apologies; money

May 30, 2006

Apologies mainly to myself for not doing what I preached.

Basically, procrastinating.

Anyway, I haven't been doing anything productive save for levelling my maple character. Asides that, have been out on a few occasions. When I say few, I really mean 1-3 times. Yes, I hardly go out. I only do so if there's an occasion for it or there's this juice in my upper grey matter that says "hey, go out already! go be around people and see new clothes or something…"

So, from the last update, I've been out for only 3 times, if I don't recall wrongly. Twin, did recommend me a job, but I didn't make a move on it. Don't ask me why. I really don't know the answer. There's just this gnawing feeling that I won't be doing anything that pays me money for the rest of my vacation. It's not that I don't need the money. I do need money to buy stuff. But, I only buy stuff when I feel the need to. Get the drift? Same concept as to when I actually step out of the house during this vacation.

Furthermore, I don't like the idea of doing something that makes you tired and brainless, just for the money. Working your ass off for the money. Doing something totally not you for the money. To sum it all, work for the money.

Since I don't need the money now, why work?

If anyone were to say, how about your future? Don't you need to save up? Well, yeah. I do have a little bit of savings. But, what use does it have if I were to be in a state of unable to use the money. For instance, dead? Or even, get money stolen from your account by I-don't-know-how-in-the-world-possible-way. After all the effort of saving the money, stabbing your cravings of being a spendthrift for countless times, controlling your budget, where does the money go?

Why have so much money, when you have no use for it?

To create the impression that you're rich? That you own the asset: money and you can buy anything possible? To be able to live in a peace of mind, since money can buy you anything you need in the future?

What if you died? What happens to all the dreams that you have of spending that money? Where's the meaning to it?

Was your life worth living?

Well, money can make dreams come true. But what if you lack the time?

Money cannot fulfill certain dreams. But, money is still the means of surviving in this money-ruled world. Can't we just live without money?

People pay. People earn. People spend. People buy. People bribe. People bet. People print. People beg. People yearn. People rich. People moderate. People poor.

Where does money ultimately go to? I really wonder.

Heaven? Hell? God? The core of Earth?

Money can perish, you know.

Why live for money?

That aside, I've been having long weird living_the_dream kinda dreams. Perhaps, it's because I sleep for too long hours. Maybe, it's just me. There are too many of them to recount. Nothing of significance if no particular familiar was inside it. Either that, or I really can't recall. The brain deteriorates when you don't exercise it. It happens during every vacation.

At least 2 months left.

Please stop procrastinating.



  1. Money makes the world go round. And besides, have u heard of anyone complaining they have too much money? i've heard ppl boast abt having money. but none complained.

    i've started work btw. this corporate affairs position at ymca. its my first day on friday. =)

    me: lol Well, people 'boast' when they have too much. People 'beg' when they have too little. In other words 'complaining' about their share of money. Haha, just my point of view. It's just sad to see people like that. Anyway, I am complaining about why we even need money. Oh well~

    Wah, your job sounds 'powerful'. A friend of mine asked me to work at Kumon cos' they're short of people. 4 day week. Will see if I get the job on Monday =)

  2. powerful? it means i will have a hard time covering my ass.

    me: LOL cos' it has a powerful title 😀 Oh well, means you're going to be pretty well paid, so it's okay for your ass 😉 Have fun!

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