how it was 2

May 2, 2006

Yesterday's May Day! A pity I couldn't post up one. It's becoming a trend — not posting up for the first day of the month.

Did I tell you about the break I took after my paper last Saturday? I played.

Pretty hopeless. When I reached home, there was the sofa, the laptop, the Clavinova, the tv, the shower, the bed, the food, the Mama, the Sis. Everything but the notes. Anyway, I was so relaxed, I kept mapling for the whole weekend. I had a whack of a time on Sunday night. My mapling counterparts are so -add in a fun adjective- that I couldn't help reminiscing before getting to sleep. I slept late as usual — 5.00am or so.

You know, when you play an online game with people you've never met before and you can just have fun together at any time of the day or night and be a friend, treasure that person. It's so rare to meet someone like that. Like-minded and everything. Like a long-lost friend or someone I probably knew in my previous life, if there was any to start with.


May day, I couldn't wake up. I was supposed to wake up to study for today's paper. Instead, I got up only at around 3.00pm or so. There wasn't much studying done after all. Then again, I really couldn't get into the mood. It's like so dry. Business correspondence writing skills and what not. I had a hard time keeping myself awake to try and read through the textbook. In the end, I didn't cover much.

So, I didn't do anything much until night surfaced. Then, at midnight, I decided that I should just head to bed for a couple of hours and wake up at 5.30am to really study before the paper at 1.00pm.

Woe… I had a hard time waking up!!! It was torture to keep my eyes open. I finally got myself quite awake at around 7.00am and read some. To really feel the effects of awakeness, I bathed and got dressed. Continued to do the final online practice and got some things into my head. The rest were to be figured out during my journey to the examination hall.

Guess what I dreamt of in that short time span of less than 4 hours? I couldn't get to sleep — tossed and turned countless times. Thanks My for the "make you study!" nudge 🙂 And Sm and Mh (I was the one who disturbed him first).

This… I'm supposed to be having my paper now. I'm in a computer lab. Everyone's busy clicking and typing. There're five sections to be done. I remember our tutor mentioned that the last two sections are the simplest. The first three consume more time. But, I couldn't get my head up. Time is passing me by. I'm only at the multiple choice section. Time is passing me by fast! Panic! I can't finish it! -looks at the clock- There's only 2 more minutes to 1800 hours. How?!? "Time's up!" No!!! I have to log out. "Now, you, you and a couple of you there stay behind. I've got something to say." -the few of us who were called out, seemingly the ones who didn't finish it- "Sir! I'll help you with that!" -said an eager guy- I saw this idea bubble that came out of his head screaming, "maybe, he'll give me some sympathy marks for helping him out.." I saw S standing beside me saying, "I couldn't finish it… There was this part that…" I cut her off, "I only got to do 2 MCQ and nothing else! Not even one single section completed! What more you want to say?" I looked helplessly at my tutor Mr. G, hoping that he'll give me another go at the paper. But there was only a look of "I can't help you." I was in shock. This paper accounts for 50% of my grade for this module and I didn't even do it proper. I woke up.

And am glad that I woke up. It got too ugly. That paper I had a nightmare about was the paper I sat for today. I don't know why it was in the computer lab though =_= In reality it was a written paper, more writing to do. An English sort of paper. Then reality really started to sink in. I had to at least read something before I entered that hall.

I tried. I did.

Was afraid of being late. Luckily I was there just on time. For the first time this semester, I shivered in the examination hall due to the temperature. I tried. I really did. It took plenty of brain juice, coupled with the fact that I lack sleep. I have been nicknamed Pig because I require at least 12 hours of sleep a day.

During the last 5 minutes, I tried to squeeze a 300 word essay but to not much avail. In the end, I wrote an incomplete one. I tried. I did complete the rest of the paper, save for that first section. Hope, the markers won't get a shock and think that I only finished part of the first section =_= I started from the back cos' my brain works slow.

When it was over and time to leave, I headed straight for the ladies. Only succeeded, when I got to the third one. All other locations were sardines! Then headed for the bus.

Unexpectedly, S took the same bus as I did. We didn't really talk. Well, I was exhausted. She looked dead as usual. Maybe everyone looks dead during exams. Cos' when I first entered the examination hall, I saw A and he looked just as dead as S. I don't think I looked that dead, did I?

Anyway, the feeling of having only one paper left to go has sunk in. YES! Then I was happily heading to J8 to get the keychain I promised myself to get for P, before she leaves us. P's going back to Laos after her exchange this semester. Well, I may not have known her long or well enough, but I like her 🙂 And she's nice.

It's been a long time since I went to J8. It was like so surreal. I see so many kids (now I call them kids… haha) in uniform and I, too old for uniforms. Yet, I probably look as old as them.

Oh, backtrack a little bit. There was this guy in the MRT. He sat on the floor, at the conjunction part of the train. Another uniform kid. He also alighted at J8. Before that, he stood up and walked to the left of me. Quite a distance away, and at the corner of my left eye, I thought I saw something drop. But I felt no one making a move or anything. So I looked to my left and saw a spectacle's cloth on the floor, as he stepped away. Still, no one pointed it out to him or anything. So, I just went ahead, picked it up, tapped his left shoulder and handed it to him. He smiled his thanks. And it was the grateful one. To me it was nothing much. But, I was still wondering why didn't anyone who was sitting right opposite of him, picked it up or say anything at the least?!? I was standing like 2 arms' length away from him. There were four people — (_) (_)  guy   (_) (_) — seated, two at each side of him. People!

Okay, so I went to get the keychain made for P. Then went around window shopping and trying to look for more cute things to give her perhaps, but nothing seemed practical enough. Then I headed to the basement floor to get a sour-cream pretzel! 😀 I was famished from all the walking. Then headed out happily with the prize in my mouth. So happily eating, that I didn't see someone in red, waved his right arm in front of me.

Waved. I stopped. I walked. I stopped. I looked back. I stared. Eyes widen. Actually I was feeling as if I got caught red-handed for eating. Haha! Don't ask me why. I just felt that way. It was J.

I think I know why. I more than half expected to meet him there but I really didn't think much of it. Another premonition made. I'm a freak. We chatted for a while and then left. He looks a tad skinnier though.

Still, it felt great seeing him. I can't describe it. Haven't seen him since the last time all of us met for the badminton game. That was like 20 Feb, I think. For once, we talked like we haven't met for ages. Haha, so fun. But I still felt the shock… Beats me.

Oh, there was this night market that Sis mentioned was around last Sunday. In the end, when we got there, there was none. So, we ended up shopping at the convenience store nearby. We haven't been there since like aeons ago. Plus, eversince we moved when I was 11, we haven't gone there often. Plus, we graduated from Primary already. Lol. So, it was like reminiscing old times, when we were still kids. But, I can't understand why people like to look at us, when we didn't even look at them. More like stare at us. It's like Mama, Sis and me were having our regular conversations, of course in English, and each time either of us said something, people turned their heads to us. Like hey, we're in a neighbourhood market area, and they have a problem with us or what? People!

Oh, it's like this. I took 88 back and then… That night market's around! LOL. I rang Mama up and laughed. I really wanted to laugh all the way back home, but I held it back lest people think I was nuts or something. But yeah, today's series of events really had me by surprise.

It was a nice surprise though 🙂

Headache has soothed, thanks to Panadol Extra!

PS: Twin, hope your lappie gets well soon! Lol! For a second, I really thought you were turning into a Houdini apprentice 😉


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