intellectually ours

April 20, 2006

I always thought, it was hard nabbing those people who snatch away things from my site and was really paranoid, each time I wrote or created something to be put on it. Of course, those were the days, when I was till using D-X and the idea of having people just selecting, right-clicking, copy, was just too much to bear. Especially if they don't give credit to the original source.

But those were also the days, when I could use the javascripts that disabled selecting and right-clicking. It was just great feeling to know that you can have control over the things you've on display on the web. It gets rid of the idea that what's on the web is free for the taking. The majority will think this way, especially those who have nothing to call their own. These are the notorious people that we detest.

But here, it's hard to incorporate these little things since we can't fully customise the site's html. It's only possible if we do it on our own servers. Still, I believe that nothing is free on the web.

Just minutes ago, I came across this interesting piece written by Lorelle. It's so enlightening and assuring to know that these people can be taught a thing or two. It is really worth knowing that what we have on the web is afterall intellectually ours 🙂

Of course it means, each web to its owner, not all webs to everyone. Each creation to its owner, shared for all to see but recognised to be the owner's. Each creation to be the intellectual property of the creator, the owner. There can only be one owner. But there can be many an audience.

In the case where the ownership is shared, it will be stated somewhere in the source.

It's just a matter of recognising the original source and not reproducing it wholesale-ly as yours, unless otherwise specified. In general, even if you don't see a copyright sign anywhere in the site, you should respect the content found in the site to belong to the site owner and not just reproduce it as your own to the public. Of course, the content on that site must be original in the first place. Lol~

People out there, who like to steal people's content, please be original. For those, who admire people's content and would like to have a copy of it, it'd be nice to link back and give credit to the original source. Be gracious on the web.

It's like living in the human world, we need to be gracious and honest. Stealing is wrong.

Don't people actually feel the guilt?

I do wonder about these people…


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