almost there

April 14, 2006

Sometimes you try so hard, but you never get a damn shit out of it.


Today, as in yesterday, was most horrendous.

  1. I wasn’t all prepared for test
  2. My oral was kinda short
  3. Newsletter is not entirely complete
  4. Lab Assignment seems utterly impossible
  5. Time


I slept at 2.30am. Planned to wake up at 7.30am. Instead, when I did wake up, I went straight back to dreamland. I tried.

Woke up at 9.00am. Half an hour earlier before the usual time I wake up to get ready for lessons. So, imagine the chaos.

Finished the newsletter, but the profile page is incomplete; short of one profile. My column wasn’t as I’d expected. I forgot to add in those interesting bits. If I brought it over to complete after my test, there’s no colour print in school cos’ it will have to be paid for. Why pay, when I have colour print at home? So I printed those that required colour. Only to realise later that there were still typos here and there.

Then, I had to keep switching my priorities. The newsletter = Group. The test = Mine. Of course, after doing not so great for the first test, I really wanted to do great for this one. Apparently, I didn’t have the luxury of studying for it. If you see my deadlines this week and the amount of stress and the amount of insomnia I’m getting, you will probably share the same sentiments. It’s open-book. But my set of lecture notes are incomplete. I had to print out the rest, cos’ I can’t possibly lug my lappy all the way there and turn on the slides while doing the MCQ, can I? Don’t think the invigilators will allow it. So, I had to wait very much impatiently for the printer to print them all out, ever so slowly. Only to get printer jams, lappy hangs and short of black ink. I finally gave up printing, when I had only half an hour to get to school.

It was so nerve-wrecking. I worried about getting a fast enough and worthy cab. In the end, I did get one. I was so thankful, I let him keep the change. It was only 30cents though :X Then ran up the stairs, went to the back door. Locked. Side door. Locked. Last door. Open. Find seat. Ran up the stairs. Sat. Breathe. Luckily, half the questions were on topics we did for the first half of the semester. I was pretty worried about the other half. Could answer some though. The rest, I really didn’t have the time to think. Plus, I was late for 5-10 minutes. It mattered. Finally, I did finish it. Of course the last few were guesses.

It took a huge load off the heavy stress.

Then, rushed to a computer lab to try and finish up the profiles. But, no. Computers in school won’t allow me to download the Thai language option for Windows. Argh. So I can’t even edit properly. Moreover, I won’t be able to colour print again. Became quite an issue to settle.

Then, realised I’d be late for my oral. Priorities again. I was nervous all over again because I didn’t know how many tutors to expect. In the end, there were only the two who taught us conversation lessons.

My part was short. Really considered quite low on content. There were quite a number of questions from the tutors because of that. Then again, it really felt like a conversation, not like an oral examination. Hopefully, the fluency will make up for the lack of content. They didn’t really correct me or anything while I was talking. But, they didn’t laugh as much as when they invigilated the rest. Maybe mine was boring. Sigh.

But it’s over. Just glad that I didn’t make big mistakes or anything of the sort.

Had dinner with T at central. Maybe I overlooked certain aspects of her personality. Now that the semester is coming to a close, knowing her wasn’t so bad afterall. She’s inspiring in some sense. Haha. Oh, her observations of guys were really quite impressive, shared some of those. And, she really knows food, for those that she talked about. Told me an interesting piece of information too. Didn’t quite expect that one. Oh well.

Yes, my lab assignment is hopeless. I’d thought I could do it. In the end, when I considered the other part to it, I got all muddled up. Argh. Passed the make-up, though quite pathetic.

Corrected the marks for that quiz. Lol, I passed it afterall.


  • Newsletter
  • Homework (pink + green)
  • MIDI
  • Online Homework

Exams are all at 1pm. Just great. I won’t have to worry about the time. Dates are pretty well spaced out. I wish myself all the best.

Hey twin, thanks 🙂 Your telepathy damn good lah. Lol. All the best to your exams! Finish it quick and start stripping in O.Rd!!! 😉

Thanks Mama for helping me out. I seriously have no life this past few weeks.

I miss my Sis’ presence in the house, when I reach home and she’s not around 😦 No one to shake…



  1. hang in there. kiss.

  2. i’m hangin’~~~ LOL

    rainy days are here to stay~~~

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