April 12, 2006


Finally, the day full of nerves and suspense is over! We're done! Haha, after days of staring at each other and making fools of each other, we did it! Though not as much I'd like it to be. It didn't quite turn out to be as funky as I'd visualised, but hey nerves played quite a big role.

Anyway, we were the second last to go. Had planned to be first, though it didn't quite happen that way cos' S wasn't back on time and another group volunteered to go first. So there you have it. But, today's was kinda quiet, guess it's because the other half of the group felt kinda bored since they've already presented the week before. Well, if they didn't stay just for the marks, at least it was for us. LOL, imagine, presenting in front of an empty audience!

Today wasn't so bad, at least I was talking and didn't refer so much to the papers. But, I had a problem with forgetting what was that funky line that I intended to add in. Oh, and another factor has to be blamed for my lack of funkiness; time. We have so much to say, yet so little time!

Sigh. Anyway, just kinda glad that it's over. And it's over as in a pretty good amount of effort was put into it. Feels gratifying somewhat.

Tomorrow is D-day.

  1. End-of-term Test
  2. Oral Presentation
  3. Newsletter
  4. Homework
  5. Lab Assignment

Man, it's driving me crazy. I can't sleep in peace. I am tired, so I always head to bed, thinking I'll be able to wake up early  later to do what I have to do, with a fresh brain. But…

No, I end up tossing and turning in bed; insomnia-like. It was so hard to sleep, with all those thoughts that you have plenty of unfinished business and what not. Saps the brain of plenty of juice, to a point where you just don't want to think anymore, but it just stuck there. For eternity 'till when you finally get to sleep, you realise that it's about the time you planned to wake up, initially. Irritated.

So there it goes. More insomnia tonight, I guess. Sigh. I hope I'll finish everything before tomorrow dawns. Then again, I'm so exhausted, I don't feel like doing anything already.


Heading home now~

[note to self: G said we did a good job as an interactive pair of demonstrators and that we were creative, since it was something different from the rest 🙂 "I think you did great!"]


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