April 8, 2006

Dearest darling twin,

I'm deeply touched by your share of sentiments. Haha, cos' sometimes I doubt the power of twin-age could overcome that of the advanced modes of communication such as this.

Well, I really didn't dream of you. LOL.

I am a boring person, in my opinion, that is. Lol, weird right? I find myself boring. Hmm, you're right. I need a complementary other to actually bring out certain un-boringness. But then again, how many complementary other(s) are there out there? Cos' there's also this mode of thinking that I shouldn't blame the world for my faults and should accept them as mine, instead, graciously.

Haha, yeah you're one who can talk to me like this. Don't think other people could. Just sharing thoughts and sometimes serious stuff, but they turn into humour instead. Though, we never forget the intent of the discussion 🙂

Talking about complementary other(s) outside my home. One would be you. One would be S just cos' we can do anything without having to consider the other's opposition of it. It's like we know what the other is like. Sadly, S is a she. Haha. Can't think of anyone else. Perhaps there's one or two more of she(s) but we're not as close. If I want to mention H, we seldom talk too. Complementary level is somewhat undefined cos', whenever I meet or talk to him, I'd end up arguing. Maybe it's just me. I wouldn't know. I get easily agitated by him, even his presence. LOL, can't really pinpoint the cause 😀

I didn't say need to plan it that way. The plan I was talking about is purely for a gathering, my darling. Haha, depends on hweeling, huh? Hmm, I get what you mean. But, how to "kai kou"…

How am I suppose to let it be known? Just say it? Just SMS it? Or create a situation to say it? Direct or indirect? Haha! I don't even know what to say, in the first place. It takes a lot of consideration, in my opinion. Or should I just do it without care for the world or him? It's pretty… reckless.

Though, that's pretty much the old me. Bwahahahaha.

That'll be like throwing a grenade at him and it explodes with me turning into ashes. Woohoo!

[ps: yeah lah, you say as if you're my agent LOL. it's always easy for the onlooker to holler you forward, but not when it happens to the onlooker's self…]

Life always looks easier when it happens to someone else.

Love Lots <3<3<3,
your other half


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