April 7, 2006

I miss you so much
It's overwhelming me
Imagining you in touch
Though it's hardly to be

I wish I could hear you
I wish I could see you
But all I had of you
Only in dreams of you

I wish I could tell you
Yet I wish I didn't have to
I wish you would know
Just by my little hello

I don't know why
I feel as if it's a lie
That it's just a fantasy
Not my feelings truly

I tried to forget
But there you appeared
Again and again in fact
In dreams so weird

Tell me it's just my wishful thinking
Tell me that I'm just having weird dreams
Tell me it's nothing important

I don't know how to phrase this
I kept having dreams of you
Regardless of whether I thought of you before I slept

Am I truly dreaming?
Or are you really someone to me?


One comment

  1. miss me just come talk to me larh. no need t o keep dreaming about me. That’s why i have been havng restless slp these few days larh. becuz u keep dreaming abt me.

    anyway, i left comments on my blog. go read. dont wanna post it in case it makes things too obvious ( or is it obvious alrdy ?). hahhahaa i scared of parrapazzi. haha

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