April 7, 2006

Dearest Twin,

I laughed at the coincidence, when I read yours. LoL. Yeah, weird, huh? Dreams. Hmm, about the point of action you mentioned, I seriously dunno man. -rubs beardless chin- It's not that I can't take the rejection or anything like it. Just that I'm currently trying to keep up with my own life, don't think I want to burden someone else with mine.

Haha, and told you before, I've grown to be a boring person. Who'd want me man?

Ehems, I didn't really dream about you~ Haha, but think you know that anyway 😉 Actually was thinking of organising a jc class outing next week, after I cleared my deadlines and before the study break starts. Haven't really settled on that yet. No clear point of action~

Should I really roll on the minefield or just shoot myself by taking the risk? Seems like an uncalculated risk. Whatever that is. Ahahaha, if this post doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. I don't quite understand it either. My mind's on holiday now.


Love Lots <3<3<3,
your other half

[ps: don't worry about paparrazis, I don't even know who else bothers to read this space lolz]



  1. Wait until exams are over.

    Why you use ❤ have to tilt your head > way to see what it means!

  2. eh wait until exams are over… then do what? o_O O_o o_o O_O

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