no time

March 31, 2006

I've had no real time to myself.

Either I'm trying to deal with not being sick or deal with prioritising my assignments. Some ended up as late. Some just cannot be late. When is it ever fair to me? The ones that cannot be late are done for the sake of those involved. Mine are left to be done later. How fair is that?

Just don't really know what to say. This week has been terrible. Next week will be so too.

It's neverending.



  1. aye aye.

    “It’s neverending”

    Not true wat. U know it will end somehow. Time heals all pain and suffering. Pain and suffering do not stand in the path of time. What i am saying is, the bad feelings u are feeling now would eventually pass. And, after ample rest, u would be ready to take on another semester.

    I do feel it too. sometimes, becuz it is project work, i would tend to delay my own things to deliver to my grpmates. i dont see it as fair or not fair. not rather, improper time management. if time is managed properly, i am sure that i would be able to do both.

  2. aye aye

    if it’s not improper time management it’s not me. then again, even if time is managed, it will still end up a tad messed up somehow. haha…


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