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March 28, 2006

Sunday night had been a really really dreadfully tiring one. To the point where I slept at about 3am, and couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. Thereby skipping my first 2 lessons of the day and deliberating to go for the 3rd one, which in fact was skipped altogether; even though I was already in school. I ended up just getting to school, handing in that dreadful assignment and went back home.

The ulcer sucks big time. It hurts to eat. It hurts to swallow. It hurts to talk.

Anyway, that late night really gave me a handful of dreams. Of which, only one was really significant to me, cos' I recalled it and was abruptly woken up…

My subconscience tells me only 8 of us will be there. I see two tables. I don't why I remember almost tracing along a wall or even passing by the walls. The ambience was dark orange to magenta, almost romantic. The kind you get if you attend those formal dinners of the sort. The romantic sort. Not so much of the dark sort. It was just rather dim to the point where I only noticed the people's faces, their body structure, their positions and not so much about what they were wearing. Almost a second later, when I'm taking in all the ambience, I find myself nearing the table. I see them there: F, J, H, S and Sh. I remembered there were 8 people cos' my subconscience tells me so, but I can't make out the other two. They were somewhat blurred; perhaps unimportant to me or I do not know them. Two tables. I see J there. He was kinda early. I don't remember any conversations. I just know our eyes met. He was seated. Then I sat down. Apparently, I shared a seat with F, though it was kinda squeezy. Funny. I don't remember seeing their outfits but I can feel that they're clad in formal attire. I was actually surprised that F came, cos' I remembered she never attended our prom night that other time, only visited us after it ended. She was seated on my left side. To her left, was J. I was wondering how come I'm sharing a seat with F, instead of S. I was quite surprised at the outcome. Then I saw S and Sh seating at the table across us. I can't really make out their expressions. But I felt as if they were quite far from us. Then H came. I stood up and went to get him to our table. I did it as though the gesture was normal under the circumstances. He sat down to my right. I sat back down. J observed H and the way I went out and back. Yet, I felt as if it were ordinary. It certainly had been a while since we all get to meet one another on such an occasion. We haven't met in a while, the feeling was. Yet, it's as if the seating arrangement was expected somewhat. The dream faded…

I don't really quite understand it. Firstly, how can there be an occassion where there's only 8 people attending, and a formal one at that? Secondly, never have I dreamt of a certain group of people I know meeting up altogether in the same dream. Thirdly, the exchanges that occurred and the arrangement are not exactly what would happen as of the now.

I found it rather strange to dream of them all in one dream. Usually the people are rather jumbled up and put into a weird situation in the dream, like my dreams before. Yet, now it's in a literally peaceful setting. Whether or not the people's minds in it were peaceful, I wouldn't know.

I told the people I saw in my dream about the dream. Well, the first one replied saying that I was funny. He replies that every other time, anyway. The second replied asking whether I sent the message to the wrong person. Not the reply I'd expected but in the end he still continued to ask about it. The third person replied asking what was weird about it. Another just listened to me explain in detail. This one was easier to tell cos' she knew the full state of mind I'm currently in and of course, typing is easier than texting.

Best part was, all of them asked about what were they doing in my dream. And why was it a formal setting. LOL. I seriously can't answer to that. I only know their positions and their silent exchanges. I don't remember anything else. It was almost quite the solemn kind of setting, nothing like those dreams I've had before. Usually there'll be at least some dialogue. Apparently, I just can't recall any significant dialogue.

I don't know if the formal party will really take place. But, I do know that I miss those people involved very much. I just miss their presence in my life. I miss my teen days.

S said it's probably a premonition of a wedding. LOL!

Oh well… If only I can see them again soon, altogether.






    Maybe the 2 people you didn't get to see were the ones getting wed!

    OWEE! WEDDING!!!!! >.<

  2. ahahahahahha! but but, the 2 that were blurred, they felt male. don't tell me the 2 guys got married?!? LOL.

    a tad weird cos' the dream was shortlived. too bad i couldn't see the other 2 faces =.=

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