Memo 2: another avalanche

March 26, 2006

Okay, my essay's handed in yesterday. My 2nd Lab was disastrously done at the eleventh hour, but luckily it was still marked. Just half the marks, though. I did badly for one midterm. I had okay marks for my quizzes. Haven't heard the results for my other midterm. Some of the projects were okay so far. Some are just disgusting.

There's more to come. It never ends, does it?


  1. LAT3201 Comprehension & Lesson 54-55 by Monday 27 Mar '06
  2. LAT3201 Writing Homework by Wednesday 29 Mar '06
  3. CS2104 Lab Assignment 3 by Wednesday 05 Apr '06


  • LAT3201 Conversation Quiz 3 on Monday 27 Mar '06 
  • CS2104 on Tuesday 28 Mar '06
  • LAT3201 Writing Quiz 2 on Friday 31 Mar '06
  • LAT3201 Conversation Quiz 4 on Monday 10 Apr '06
  • GEK1519 on ???


  • LAT3201 Second Draft of Newsletter Proj on Monday 27 Mar '06
  • CS2102 Project Report on Friday 31 Mar '06 @ 5pm
  • LAT3201 Final Draft of Newsletter Proj on Friday 07 Apr '06
  • CS2102 Project Demonstration on Wednesday 12 Apr '06

I need a breather. No one seems to understand how big the avalanche is for me. It never dissipates. Just keep growing.



  1. give urself a little pick-me-up at the end of every deadline. It keeps u going. Small treats in life. perhaps a ice cream or a hour in the day to slack.

    it helps to keep spirit in. really.

    i am pretty much dying too. i got adnormal sleeping hours. which doesnt do good to my body.

  2. well the thing is, i’d gladly do that if i could.

    apparently, my deadlines are like a skin’s-inch away from each other. LOL. i can only treat myself so much before i start panicking all over again.

    thnx, though 😉

    oh, u need to sleep more. sleep is good! {}

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