a thought

March 25, 2006

Having quite a lot of problems. Not necessarily people problems. Just problems. A whole muddled pile.

Just a thought. Should there be people reading this, when I didn’t tell them about it, it’s just their plain luck I guess.

Either they grew smarter, or they were just that lucky.

Or really concerned? Nah, more like intruding. If there was concern, there would have been questions posed about it.

At the end of the day, they’ll still probe by reading, anyway. Who doesn’t? Not when it’s all out here for all to see. It’s public. Even I would.

People have different perceptions. They bring about different definitions of certain words and the understanding of those words, even though there’s only one meaning to the word, as in the dictionary. Interesting, eh?

So if you don’t see something eye to eye, and can’t understand it, let go. I did. Of course my letting go means ’till I have nothing to do with it. Zilch. Less hurt. Hurts less.

Just a thought, should there be anyone out there, who happens to read and realise the identity of the writer, you’re just plain lucky or you might have just gotten the wrong person.

Some things are not what they seem.

One can never truely understand the mind of a writer. No matter how hard one tries.

I’ve only come to realise that recently.


Why would you think that? You think you’re the cause. Why would you even think that? I’d only get the impression that you have a guilty conscience. So no matter how you say it’s not like that, it makes it all seem just it. 

Apparently, it takes more than one stupid thing to make me this annoyed, angry and disgusted. There’s more than just one that makes it all very horribly disgusting to me. And why only ask about it now? You’ve never asked before.

It hit a nail on you? Even if it wasn’t meant for you?

Interesting. Laughable actually.

No one understands, anyway. If anyone did, that anyone wouldn’t be reading such posts at all. Wouldn’t have existed.

If even one person could understand me, I’d give the world to that person.

Few people actually listen to me. Few people actually let me listen to them. Few people actually really talk to me. And I mean talk, or even to start a conversation with me. Those people can either be my classmates, friends or family. Cos’ they know I don’t talk at certain times, they still try to talk to me. They actually ask after me. Of course, I do that too. It’s just the timing. I just really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to take the initiative. I’m tired of always taking the initiative.

I finally understood someone today. After really being with her, I find her really nice. She’s nice, pretty and has a certain personality, which I took time to see. The impression changed. I’m actually appreciating the fact that I know someone who’s smart, yet just herself.

I like brainy, pretty and modest people. Oh, I know one who isn’t quite the modest one. I like him all the same, though. Cos’ I know him.

So my a thought turned out to be many thoughts. Oh well~

For the record. For the record.


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