March 21, 2006

Pain. More pain.

It feels as if there’s a tooth growing. But I see no signs of it. Instead, it’s quite a big swell in the gums on the side of an existing tooth. Added to that, the existing tooth is getting pushed out of line.

Worse still, the swell at the side of my neck is not getting any better.

I don’t know what to do.

My throat isn’t getting any better either. No matter how much water I drink. No matter how cooling my clothes are. No matter how cold the air-conditioner is. My throat is still feeling the heat.

Relief poured over me after he talked to me. But hey, you could have mentioned what has been done with it earlier, right? Yeah, maybe it’s cos’ it was only done recently. I feel insecure but I don’t why. Only a tiny bit of that insecurity left.

Now I’m insecure with what’s going on inside my body.

However, I felt real happy today when I saw K. Haven’t seen him surface the area in a very long time. Lol 🙂 Feels nice to have someone call you adik, especially if you can only call your siblings adik. Haha.

Tutorial was a whack. The other tutor couldn’t come today and was replaced by my Thur tutor. Lol. It was a whack cos’ this classmate of mine is a total whack too. My goodness, had to do so many partner conversation practices with him and he was a total clown! I had to pause for a number of times, trying to stop myself from laughing till I choked and coughed (remember my irritable throat?) before I could clearly continue with the conversation for our tutor to hear. Whacked!

Bummer. I think I shall see the Doc tomorrow morning. Will miss the tutorial again…

Tuesdays are the Doc’s lucky days.


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