widgets; lumpy neck

March 20, 2006

On the up side, we have widgets! Yeayness, more customisation on the side bar!!! -jumps-

On the down side, I woke up with a funny ache on the left side of my neck. Apparently, it’s swollen and abit lumpy, like the other time when I had it on the right side of my neck, years back. Weird, is it cos’ I’d eaten too much peanut-ty things of late? Thus, over-proteinified? Or is it due to some other ailments? It’s feeling even more significant than before I’d worn the cooling-plaster-thing.

Argh, and my throat isn’t getting any better. The weirdest thing is that it has this raspy itchy feeling, eversince the time I was sick. Not that it has gotten any worse or anything, it just stuck the way it is. It’s very annoying!!!

Another up side, I’m the first to wish J a happy 21st.

Another down side, there won’t be any celebrating of it :/ something down cropped up. Hope all goes well for his family.

A very big down side…

I just feel awfully horrible with all these ailments and I hate not being included in group discussions. I hate it. I hate it. I awfully hate it.

I’m pretty free this week, other than the assignments I’m suppose to hand in and the small talk I’m suppose to present. Assignments are done as and when I’m to hand them in. Small talk is all typed and thought of since last week. The biggest obstacle is: ignoring the itch in the throat and avoid succumbing to unexpected coughs.

I don’t know how I’m going to handle that. If only all the ailments would just leave me in peace. Let me enjoy studying life for once…



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