March 14, 2006

I’m currently in school.

Feeling all dazed and sleepy. I’d almost fell off a chair during the 2nd lecture for the day. At least that got me awake for a short while. Then I had to keep writing Thai to stay awake. Of course, it only meant not giving my utmost concentration to the lecture at hand. Guess, I slept too little this time around.

Well, at least I got over the procrastination of skipping the first lesson of the day, like I did the last few times. Then again, those last few times had been due to me either trying to study for the test on the same day or the ones with me being sick. 

Now, it’s kind of a humdrum. Nothing much to expect actually. Just living for the moment. Getting it done for the moment. Getting it over and done with.

Had kind of a weird dream, just can’t recall it. Just feel as if I’m forgetting something perhaps. I don’t know. Then again, I might be hallucinating due to the lack of sleep =.=

There have been a few memorable times that I’ve had for the past week or so, after that period, where I was sick and all. Yup, it had been quite the experience. Mayhaps, I’ll mention it some other time. I’m just all too tired out now. Have a few incomplete assignments at hand and other undone. Only have these few days or these few weeks left. Bummer.

Come to think of it, I’ve even forgotten that Monday has passed :/

Well, have really been trying to do things up, whenever I have the available time. Was planning to do my correspondence assignment now. Apparently, I didn’t bring the assignment handout. The handout’s not available online either. Argh.

Waiting for the right time to leave to Raffles. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. At a loss for words. Just don’t really know what to think of it.

Met a few people unexpectedly today. Feels kind of nice. Plus, I was actually feeling that sense of gratification from meeting people, whom I do care about but seldom see. It was a nice feeling. Added to that, it actually made my day somewhat.

Tired. Yet, happy 🙂

I must be hallucinating…



  1. ni hao ma ?

  2. hao yi dian er yi. lolz. been caught up with trying to get myself finish up everything in advance plus taking a breather.

    man… next week, the same routine is up again -drops dead-

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