the end is nigh

March 12, 2006

Haven’t really had the chance to say what I want to say. Then again, perhaps I procrastinated a bit :/

Anyway, this week has been rather bad. The tests were not so encouraging. Still, what’s done is done.

So yes, it’s only halfway through this rough road. I still have another quite big avalanche to clear before I reach the end. The end is nigh. So near, yet so far. Sigh.

Have had some really good sleeps. But weird dreams in them. Man… Will probably talk about them, if I remember to do so. There’s so much I want to say, but it will just eat up my time away somehow.

If I could only just sit here and type all day. I won’t mind doing it for a living either. Sweet and simple. I’m fast too. Provided the typing’s all in English alpha =.=

So I have to do a typing in Thai and I’m as slow as like 0.00001 word per minute? Not even a word in a minute. I had such a hard time locating the letters to form even a short word. This is going to be hard.

So I have to find out how to code in php. The reading to be done is as much as like I don’t know how many links in a webpage. It’s going to really eat me up, no matter how interested I am in the subject. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do enough to say that it’s a contribution on my part. Damn.

So I have to type out a correspondence letter, which I haven’t thought through in detail as of yet. Sigh.

So I have to do the regular homeworks.

I think I just flunked my lab assignment that was due last Friday.

I don’t know what to say anymore. Things don’t really go as smoothly as I’d hoped so. Perhaps it’s cos’ I procrastinated too much. That or I’ve taken things too easily. That or I just didn’t do enough.

What am I to do really?

In 3-4 weeks more, it’s the end!

Feeling crestfallen. I don’t know what to say about it really. Just really crestfallen.



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