insomniac or not?

March 8, 2006

Yes. As expected, I couldn’t sleep the night before. Monday night. Man, I kept having these weird thoughts that keeping my journal in wordpress seems all wrong o_O

It was all so weird. That unsettling feeling is still around.

I couldn’t sleep. No matter how hard I tried to, in order to get up early in the morning to do the littlest bit of revision before my test on Tuesday at 10am. It didn’t work out. I woke up, startled. Then that insomniacness just starts again. I never did really have a true pure winkless sleep.

What’s wrong?!

Argh. The test was a tad challenging, given the littlest I did manage to read up. The lecture after, I almost slept. SLEPT.

That’s how you cure my insomnia.

I couldn’t really last through. Until the day finally ended for me.

I hate it, when I have to see people I do not want to see at all. I don’t know where the hell they came from. I don’t know why were they even there. Not as if they needed the lecture. They don’t. They talk. Make noise. Have fun.

Can’t these idiots just leave people, who wish to really sit in for lectures, some peace and silence during the lecture?

If they want to talk and have fun so much, do it elsewhere. Where no one will bother to interrupt. Where they will not be such irritants themselves.

Oh, the amount of annoyance was so great that I almost burst.

I’m so glad they sat at the other end. Still, the voices could be heard. I almost killed them then and there.

I hate them. I really do.

Not that I want to waste the effort doing so, but it’s so effortless that it’s there just when they appear in my line of sight.

I very much wish they never existed in my life. They’ve stolen memories from me and left me the dark ones instead. You call that friends?

Sorry. No turning back.

Took the MRT with Mc. Haven’t talked to him in a while. I just enjoy talking to him, no matter what it’s about.

Had a date out today 🙂



  1. got a fren who attends every lecture. but is totally absorbed in wats on her laptop screen. usually her idol news.

    i see no point.

    If u r not interested, y attend ?

    You can be at some where else doing the same exact thing. and be MORE comfortable.

  2. yeah man! i feel like killing all these people…
    actually, for me, i don’t mind if they’re doing something else quietly, cos’ i’ve come across worse ones:
    – chit chatting rather loudly
    – fooling around like they’re in some playground

    i might just have done all those unwittingly before, but now i know how irritating it can be. it’s just so annoying to have that distraction around.

    then again, there was this other time, where i couldn’t attend the lectures (skipped perhaps) but i could do the tutorial, compared to those whom went to every single lecture


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